Merry Christmas from ACM

Still there!

Still there!

Wishing all my readers a very merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year.

On the other hand, Professor Richard Parncutt hopes “deniers” will be sentenced to death. Feel the Christmas spirit flow…!

UPDATEProf Parncutt posts an apology here. Kudos, but it should never have been published in the first place…


  1. Peculiar, as we sceptics have the safety and welfare of mankind at the very heart of our concern. We understand that the climate changes naturally, and that by *adapting* and making mass, cheap energy available, we vastly reduce the casualty rates. That is ‘loving thy neighbour’.

    Happy Christmas

  2. ouch!

  3. Nice way to end the year by Professor Parncutt … Peace and goodwill to all men (except if your a climate change denier, then you should be executed).

  4. [snip] We all appreciate your sterling work, Simon. Do please hang in there, mate! All the best for 2013.

  5. merry xmas simon and ACMers

    This Austrian professor studies musicology for a living – who should be first against the wall??? They do have hate laws in austria – this guy should be a little more careful

    Best wishes, S.

    • Streetcred says:

      Parncutt is not an Austrian … he’s just another trumped up Aussie leftie with no relevance.

  6. From Canada’s West Coast. Thanks for such an informative blog. Wishing all In Australia a Happy New Year.

  7. It’s Christmas. As Christians we are under a geas to hate the sin and love the sinner. Pity the man. A lifetime of study in the field of Pure and Applied Rent-Seeking has addled the poor man’s brain to the point where he can no longer discriminate between Good and Evil. We can only pray for his release from an intellectual incarceration of his own making.
    A Merry Christmastide and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to all.

  8. So a professor of musicology is the latest expert on the intricacies of meteorology and climate, solar flux, perturbations in planetary orbits, incident radiation and the factors that affect it … this is even more bizarre than the Australian professor of economics and the prime minister who assure us we’re on the road to irredeemable incineration because this is what “scientists tell us”.
    Hey – the world has already suffered one mad Austrian who believed that the way to treat people you disapproved of was to kill them. We sure as hell don’t need another one.

    Thanks for making this blog available.

    • Streetcred says:

      ‘ bat, if you took the time to read up on the [snip] called Parncutt, you’d find that he is an Aussie who found himself in the sophisticated culture of Austria … of course, he tries to compete with the sophisticated culture of the Austrians but like many Aussies has little or no appreciation of any foreign culture.

  9. I think the Russians and Siberians would be very grateful for some warming right now. Moscow recorded minus 30 degrees C and Eastern Siberia recorded minus 60 degrees C. Over 123 people have died from exposure and hypothermia over a 10 day period and over 800 have been hospitalised for treatment of hypothermia, frostbite etc.

    • Eminently sensible comment, but note that the Believers are already fighting back. According to the headline story in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten (of Mohammed cartoons fame) on 26 October last:
      1. When the Arctic Ice contracts, the temperature difference to the equator decreases. This weakens the jet streams which then fluctuate less.
      2. The jet streams then transport less hot air from the Atlantic Ocean over northern Europe.
      3. The wind will also have a greater tendency to head north and east, which in winter means more cold.
      So there. Isn’t it all delightfully simple? Global warming = colder winters. Q.E.D.

  10. I’ve been loving you since I don’t know when
    You’ve been going so great; It’s time to say Amen
    Well I missed the holidays but so what
    We’re living in a land that time forgot

    Happy new year Simon, and all the best, I’m so happy that you took the challenge and made this a serious blog, it was well worth the effort for me at least. Best of luck for the new year.

  11. From The Guardian 30 November 2012:

    To avoid the US fiscal cliff, the rich will have to pay more tax (16 November). The democratically elected US president has a mandate, but Congress, which is dominated by millionaires, will try to stop him. This is corruption at the highest level. Democracy? You must be joking. Off with their heads? Today, we prefer to avoid violence, although millions are dying of hunger and preventable disease worldwide, killed indirectly by the selfishness of rich politicians.
    Richard Parncutt
    Graz, Austria

    The Pol Pot Award for 2012 must surely go to Professor Richard Parncutt!

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