ACM taking a 'well earned break' (© ABC)

ACM taking a WEB

ACM taking a WEB

Virtually all the ABC seems to disappear off for two months over Christmas, on what has become colloquially known as a ‘well earned break’, so now ACM is doing the same.

A number of other projects are demanding my time, and will do for a while, so new posts will be infrequent (or non-existent) for the time being.

As always, visit the sites in the Live Blog Roll to the right for your climate needs.


  1. Enjoy the break from blogging Simon. You need to be refreshed for the upcoming battle on September 14. I’m sure the carbon (dioxide) tax will be front and centre in the debate.

  2. enjoy your break without guilt – you’ve earnt it.

  3. Richard N says:

    Thanks all your informative pieces and perceptive insights so eloquently exspressed. I am sure you have caused more then a little irritation and embarassment to the likes of Lewandowsky , Steffan , Karoly and co. (pseudoscientists incorporated) not to mention Gillard and her propaganda machine.

  4. Well deserved, I hope not too long. The Bayonet did the same thing and is surly missed. Hope to hear from you soon.

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