Original web address should now be working

Just to let you know that the switch has been flicked on the original domain. You should now be able to access ACM at:


as before.


  1. Baldrick says:

    Simon you don’t have a link to Jo Nova in your Blog Roll …

  2. Hate the new look.
    Too small.
    What happened to the headlines for the websites in the blog roll?
    I used to be able to see at a glance what the new stories were, and decide whether i wanted to read them.
    And they automatically opened into a new tab.
    Now I don’t know what is new on (e.g.) The Hockey Schtick, and if I want to see it either I leave ACM or have to do the right-click thing.

    • Sorry about that. I will review the theme of the blog at some point. As for the live blog roll, that was a feature of the self-hosted blog, and is not available on wordpress.com. The advantages of the new platform far outweigh the drawbacks, however.

  3. Afraid I agree – font a bit too small, and miss the blogroll headlines.

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