Bloggies: ACM wins best Australian & New Zealand Blog!


ACM – Best Aussie or NZ Blog!

UPDATE: Watts Up wins best Sci/Tech and Weblog of the Year, Small Dead Animals wins best Canadian Blog, and James Delingpole wins Best Political Blog. Also, Michael Smith won Best-Kept Secret Blog for Michael Smith News. Congratulations all! Commiserations to Jo Nova in Sci/Tech, but with Watts Up out of the picture having now won it three times, maybe next year!

Thank you to my many supporters who voted for ACM in the Bloggies. Having been runner up to Jo Nova last year, her elevation to the Best Science Blog category saw me in with a chance.

It is funny to watch the climate alarmists squirm as sceptical blogs take out many categories. Why don’t they just mobilise their supporters to vote for them, rather than complaining about how the competition is run? Or flouncing off…

Anyway, thanks again!

Simon, ACM


  1. Congratulations Simon … well deserved.

  2. richarda4 says:

    Well done Simon for continuing to expose this CC madness!

  3. Bravo!

  4. That is such good news Simon. I love your ACM snippets you post. Not too techie for me to grasp and clearly and concisely written. Your Blog Roll is the best too. Congratulations

  5. Great job.

  6. Congrat’s, and I think I voted for you if my old memory serves me right.

    When is the Blog Roll going to roll with updates of postings?

  7. gees, you only won because SkS chickened out /sarc ..

    just joking, in case anyone doesn’t realise it.

    Well done Simon , et al. 🙂

  8. Excellent news. Your work on exposing the “threats to scientists” lie alone deserved this award, but you regularly throw in steak knives, gift vouchers and stickers for the kids as well!

  9. Fantastic result some reward for the really hard work you do Simon Well done!

  10. Anthony Watts says:

    Sincere congratulations, Simon.

  11. Congratulations!

  12. Congratulations, mate. Cheers! 🙂

  13. Well done Simon. I agree with isbobc above- your blog was the best ever one-stop entry to climate scepticism and the live blog roll updates need to be reinstated.

  14. Well done Simon. Congratulations. All that perseverance has paid off. You deserve it.

  15. Problem is with alarmistic blogs that hardly anybody reads them. No readers, no votes…

  16. Baa Humbug says:

    Good on you mate, well done and well deserved. keep up the good work.

  17. Simon, congrats. you could also have mentioned Michael Smith News ( winner of Best-Kept Secret Weblog. Michael has great contacts in politics and media. He also knows more about IT & communications than anyone in politics. His posts on the NBN and Conroy are worth reading. Read the posts about Albersleazy

  18. Well done, keep up the good work!

  19. Congrats, chaps, for your win! From a regular at WUWT!


  20. Confucious says:

    Great News! Well Deserved

  21. Great job Simon. I knew you’d get there. I remember first coming across your blog years ago when researching the B/S that is man made global warming. I had noted, strangely, how none of the material I was researching was found in the msm, and also how the sceptics case made perfect sense (ie medieval warm period etc) Finding that I’d been being indoctrinated infuriated me and made me research even more. cheers mate. Well done..

  22. Great effort Simon.

  23. globalhotelblogger says:

    Well done great achievement. Aussie Aussie Aussie

  24. Macattack88 says:

    Dear ACM
    Congrats on the win, Keep up the good work. Great to see the tide is turning against this mythical AGW beast.


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