Summer not so angry after all

Who can spot the angry summer?

Who can spot the angry summer?

The emotive language and graphics of the Climate Commission are there to scare the population into thinking the worst. It’s pure alarmism.

As mentioned in the last post, the Climate Commission, Flannery, Steffen and the rest will all be gone by the end of the year – good riddance.

Murry Salby, professor of climate at Macquarie University, dismantles their latest explosion of hysteria:

CLAIMS from the latest report by the Climate Commission, titled The Angry Summer, have been widely circulated through international media. On the basis of a few sporadic episodes, which in any other era would have been regarded as marginal weather (infrequent but perennial), the Climate Commission has proclaimed that such events are now the norm – the signature of climate change come home to roost.

This report is but the latest in a series of dire proclamations from this panel. It just happens to buttress the government’s controversial carbon tax, a maladroit policy that will be pivotal in the forthcoming federal election.

The commission’s position, as proclaimed by its chief commissioner, is that “the baseline has shifted” like “an athlete (who) takes steroids”. “The same thing is happening to our climate system . . . We’re getting fewer cold days and cold events and many more record hot events” (The New York Times, March 4).

The evocative nature of these claims is matched only by the imagination behind them. On a continental scale (the scale relevant to climate), Australian temperature this summer was unremarkable – it was within the range of previous variability.

The Climate Commission was enshrined as an “independent panel of experts”. It was installed and paid for by the government. The panel is comprised of biologists and ecologists, a materials engineer and members of the business community. It has no demonstrated expertise in the physics or chemistry of climate, or even in meteorology, the scientific underpinnings of its conclusions.

Figure 1 displays the record of Australia mean temperature during January (blue) in its anomalous value (the departure from the long-term average January temperature). Last January was warmer than recent Januaries, but hardly unprecedented. It lies about a standard deviation above the average January temperature. And even during the relatively short satellite era, two Januaries were warmer. Superimposed is anomalous summertime temperature (red). It is even less remarkable. Near the three-decade average, it is no more significant than in preceding years. Neither record evidences a sustained shift in the continental baseline.

Figure 2 displays the record of anomalous temperature for all months. It places the summer of 2012-13 into perspective. Anomalous temperature (red solid circles) lies well within the envelope of other warm anomalies during the preceding three decades. Cold anomalies are just as numerous. If anything, they are even stronger.

For many on Australia’s eastern seaboard, this summer was not anomalously hot but, rather, anomalously cool and wet. This is confirmed by the temperature record at Sydney. The central station reported only two marginal days. And during the entire summer maximum temperature reached 32C on only three days.

In the light of the satellite record, as well as the absence of any systematic change in global temperature for almost two decades, the proclaimed interpretation of this summer should be recognised for what it is: a simplistic explanation of a complex physical system. (source)

No-one’s listening any more chaps.


  1. Britain just had the coldest March in 50 years, and a 4th coldest month in a row.

  2. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    Exactly. No-one’s listening.

  3. The most extraordinary aspect of “The Angry Summer” is that the Commission had no disagreement with Dr Pachauri’s disclosure that there has been no global warming for the last 17 years. So, without that warming, where were the steroids?

    The Commission says all the heat has disappeared into the depths of the ocean where nobody can see it. If so (and there’s no evidence of it), where did the ‘angry summer’ come from? Even Steffen doesn’t claim that the ocean depths have any relevance at all to Australia’s current climate.

    • Chuzzwuzza says:

      Climate isnt weather barry. Climate is energy. Too mauch energy brings chaos to the balance which leads to weather extremes. Is everybody lying except for the few skeptics? I doubt it

      • Stallbom says:

        You are clueless; one hour of the sun’s energy = all the energy man generates in a year.

  4. Baldrick says:

    Does anybody really take Labor government appointed Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery seriously anymore after these statements from 2007:

    * “So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems … “
    * “Over the past 50 years southern Australia has lost about 20 per cent of its rainfall, and one cause is almost certainly global warming.”
    * “In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months.”

    … and now he wants to serve up more alarmism. Give me a break!

  5. And they “black boxed” their methodology when they went to the press to hide the decline as usual. Massive clean out required of all organisations who participated in this “let’s get Julia re-elected scam.”

  6. Gotta love that “all the heat has disappeared into the depths of the ocean” line.

    This BS was never mentioned previously – until the surface temperatures stopped rising and they had no explanation.

    I cannot wait for them to be gone as official liars – I don’t care what they do as private liars.

    TA had better keep his word on these promises – there will be significant budget savings in simply ceasing paying homage to the climate chamge religion.

    • This new theory of heat disappearing into the previously cold depths seems to defy the laws of thermo dynamics where heat rises and cold sinks so if there is to be a Noble Prize for Climate change BS then this must be a chance of winning

  7. It’s like everything else – they grab the headlines for the sake of the headlines, then don’t care what’s found out later. They GOT the headlines that promote the alarmism. What they are NOT paying attention to is that people are becoming more aware of the discrepancies between what is claimed and what is.

    The alarmists are deluded in believing that the people will believe whatever the heck they are TOLD to believe, and everything will be alright in the green-world. They think they are safe if they just keep ramming their version of “what is” down other people’s throats.

    They are in for one heck of a shock when the masses, the media and justice all rise up together and smack them clear out of orbit. They’ve had their day.

  8. Manfred says:

    In the gray mediocrity of a PC beholden world, the sanctioned meme in which to express belief, fervor and dogma is the green climate fable. The awakening of the slumbering masses engendered by the abject reality of cold and poverty is a sight to behold

  9. What caused the ‘angry summer’? The late start of the monsoon causing the air to warm more than normal and the blocking highs in the Tasman causing northerlies to southern Australia.
    In Jan, 1939 Bourke had 17 days of +40C in a row; in 1895, they had 22 days of +40C in a row. Now they’re ‘angry summers’.

  10. I see that the sceptics are out in force now – and although I must say that the outpourings from your climate change commission seem shall we say “less than scientific” in explanation and in the terms they use, it appears that the biggest complaint is support of your governments idiotic tax of carbon – as if the carbon credit system was ever going to fix anything other than certain bank balances.

    Regardless of the position of any of the uninteresting and largely irrelevant politicians around the world, climate CHANGE is a definite reality. Changes in the ferocity of storms and the peaks and troughs in temperature, are just a couple of examples – the much greater extremes are indicators that climatologists point to as warnings of worse to come.

    The problems seen elsewhere, including much more regularly experienced extremes of weather, the much accelerated melting of glaciers, and the thinning of the ice at the poles, serve to show that the climate is changing, but the worrying thing is the RATE at which it is changing.

    So just because the Climate Commission, composed as it is of people with no scientific background, are making foolish and very poorly researched statements related to the issue at large, it doesn’t mean that the reality of climate change can be dismissed.

    Climatologists the world over are getting much closer to unanimity on the overall findings – yes, get rid of Gillards con-job carbon tax, get rid of the Climate Commission, but that wont make the problem go away – its still there, and its getting worse – maybe Australia is not yet experiencing what the rest of the world is living first hand, but you will.

    • Greer”climate CHANGE is a definite reality.”

      Non sensical term

      ” the much greater extremes are indicators that climatologists point to as warnings of worse to come.”

      what greater historical extremes are you blathering on about.????

      ” including much more regularly experienced extremes of weather, the much accelerated melting of glaciers, and the thinning of the ice at the poles, serve to show that the climate is changing, ”

      regularly experienced.???Joke..yes climate is always has..

      “but the worrying thing is the RATE at which it is changing.”

      What rate are you worrying about..what long term geological records are making you worry.

      “but that wont make the problem go away ”

      The only problem is scientifically illiterate people who cannot tell the difference from science by press grabs..and think a consensus is how science works..and dont have a clue about the climate history of our planet..and have even less a clue about what the sceptics(realists) are actually saying.
      All your fears are based on your not reading the temp proxy studies and you not knowing that most of the scary historical proxy studies..are just shite..but none of you care about that anway..
      Your not helping the planet or the environment.

      • As you have no idea about my background and education, your attack, admittedly not aimed directly at me, but by implication I am included as one of your “scientifically illiterate”, is unfounded and unwarranted.

        I have no wish to discuss this further, as discussion is in any case irrelevant. It is that which it is.

  11. clive hoskin says:

    If you get rid of the UN,the EU and the Greens,the problem will be gone forever.

  12. The thing I like most about so called climate change scientists is that they all have differing opinions, so if you wanted 100 different opinions about climate change then all you would need to get those 100 opinions is 100 of them in the same room.

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