Flannery fired

Pack yer bags, mate

Pack yer bags, mate

The Herald Sun reports:

PROFESSOR Tim Flannery has been sacked by the Abbott Government from his $180,000 a year part time Chief Climate Commissioner position with the agency he runs to be dismantled immediately.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt called Prof Flannery this morning to tell him a letter formally ending his employment was in the mail.

Public service shake-up as heads go

In the letter, Mr Hunt tells Prof Flannery: “The Climate Commission does not have an ongoing role, and consequently I am writing to advise you that the Climate Commission has been dissolved, with effect from the date of this letter.

He thanked him for his personal contribution and then said “The Department of the Environment will soon write to you concerning administrative arrangements for finalising your engagement as Chief Climate Commissioner.”

All other climate commissioners will also be sacked with the move to save more than $500,000 this financial year and $1.2 million next financial year.

The Coalition will now take advice on climate change from the Department of the Environment. (source)

The Climate Commission didn’t have one single climate realist on board, and was stacked with Australia’s worst alarmists, Will Steffen, David Karoly and Flannery himself. Far from being an independent climate body, it was a mouthpiece for Labor government propaganda and shameless scaremongering.

Good riddance to the lot of ’em.

UPDATE: Commission’s Twitter account (@ClimateComm) has vanished already! Sad to see the website still there… not for long, however.

UPDATE 2: The ever-warmist ABC (Anything But Conservatives) gives Flannery space to gnash his teeth and wail about the injustice of it all:

Professor Flannery, who is also a former Australian of the Year, has defended the commission’s role.

“We’ve stayed out of the politics and stuck to the facts,” he said. [BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! – Ed]

“As a result we’ve developed a reputation as a reliable apolitical source of facts on all aspects of climate change. [Stop it!! Stop it!! My sides are splitting!!!!! – Ed]

“I believe that Australians have a right to know – a right to authoritative, independent and accurate information on climate change. [Er, I think I just wet myself… – Ed]

“We’ve just seen one of the earliest ever starts to the bushfire season in Sydney following the hottest twelve months on record.” [And, Flannery goes out true to form, with a ridiculously alarmist statement… See ya’ later pal. Glad we won’t have to hear from you any more – Ed]

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  1. Time to celebrate and break open a bottle of champagne … just to expel a little bit more CO₂ in celebration. 😉

  2. Drapetomania says:

    I have been waiting for that headline for several years. 🙂

  3. Tim Flannery was Julia Gillard’s Propaganda Minister and in no way providing the Australian population with real factual information on climate change. It was more a government attempt of brainwashing Australian citizens into a condition of fear to prepare the country to social change implementing UN Agenda 21.


    *Punches the air*

    I’ve got champagne all ready to go! Wonderful, wonderful day!!! 😀

  5. The only part that still hurts is that these rent seekers have already milked us tax payers for millions. I hope that when the dust settles there will be some form of legal action that might see them having to repay some of their ill-gotten goods. But for now, celebrations are in order. And I hope that Ian Chubb joins them soon.

  6. My concern is that Greg Hunt is also a True Believer of the anti-capitalist, anti-scientific notion, that Anthropogenic CO2 is a cause of problematic Global Warming/Climate Change.

    Greg Hunt is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. But wants to do it his way.

    There is little — if any — cause for celebration at this point.

    • I agree with your point Prodos but for Hunt to have any sway he would have to convince Tony or replace him as leader, and there is zero chance of either. Malcolm is the other worry.

      • Thanks for your comment.

        I believe Greg Hunt’s “Direct Action” plan is in fact the current Liberal Party policy.

        I am yet to be convinced that it is any better than either a Carbon Tax or an Emissions Trading Scheme or that the new environmental government agency will be any less intrusive or less politicised or less silly than the agencies the new Government is shutting down.

  7. Interestingly (well, maybe not!) Canada’s “national broadcaster”, the CBC, which has never encountered an alarmist name it couldn’t revere and give unquestioning airtime to, just happened to interview Flannery who’s now hyping the perils of … wait for it … jellyfish (due to “climate change” of course) this morning [Sept. 18 over here … which may or may not be after he’d been given his pink slip over there!]:

    They have no backbones and no brains but some fear jellyfish may be in the vanguard of a terrible invasion force

    Professor Tim Flannery is a scientist and the chief commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission. He has just written about Lisa-Ann Gershwin’s book in the New York Review of Books. Tim Flannery believes climate change is leading to dangerous jellies being found in parts of the world they haven’t seen before. He was in Sydney, Australia.


    Segments of this particular morning program are rebroadcasted in the evening (which is when I heard it … I’m not a morning person!) Needless to say, CBC did not update its grand intro of Flannery – and by this time it had no excuse for not knowing about Flannery’s and the Commission’s demise.

    But, all of the above aside … belated congrats to all on your recent election results. And thank goodness for the Internet – or I’m sure I would never have known about this for quite some time!

    Enjoy your victory celebrations … and have a glass for me, eh? 😉

  8. The Loaded Dog says:

    It’s time to wean yourself off the government teat Flannery, you [snip].

    Bye bye, it has NOT been a pleasure, and shut the door behind you….[snip]….

    (Three cheers and crack open the bottle of bubbly. How could I not pop over here to post a celebratory comment on this? Hey, I’m not made of stone!)

  9. thingadonta says:

    Since making dud predictions doesn’t stop one from getting promotions to high and well paid government jobs, perhaps we can make Tim Flannery Minerals Development Commissioner.?

    After all, he advised in his book the Future Eaters in the 1990s that there was essentially little future for mining in Australia, and that we shouldn’t invest in them (I’ve got to go back and read it, to see how wrong he was-something about minerals be ‘non sustainable’ or something). About as wrong as his predictions on climate change, but that didn’t stop him being made Climate Commissioner.

    Incidentally though, he did also say in this book that he thought there was strong evidence that most of Australia’s, and the rest of the world’s megafauna went extinct due to humans, not climate change, which puts him out of favour with most of his colleagues, who want to blame megafaunal extinctions largely on climate change. (They say this because they are obsessed with blaming everything on climate).

    This is how most left wing ideologues see it: megafaunal extinctions occurred largely because of natural climate change, but climate change occurring now is largely because of humans. Of course, like most left wing ideologues, they have got both wrong, the megafauna were eaten and driven to extinction largely because of humans, and climate change now is largely natural.

    Well at least Flannery is half right, perhaps there is hope for him after all.

    • I’d say the reason they blame climate change for the extinction of the mega fauna is that it would be politically incorrect to blame native peoples.

  10. One-armed Wampa says:

    Hooray!!! Now time to clean out the ABC!!!!

  11. Simon Colwell says:

    Only the most dribblingly incompetant government in this country’s history could appoint a mammalogist as a climate commissioner. Good riddance to the fool.

  12. Gwyllam Roberts says:

    Best news I’ve read all day. I suspect that a certain electronics company might still be sponsoring him or/and his environmental studies center at a certain University. I did read rumors about how that electronic company was going broke and if they have any sense they’ll stop giving away money like that. I remember how a certain company that was supporting green groups seized trading and hope that other companies will notice and decide to stop wasting money that could be put to better use. At least it looks like our current Prime Minister is taking action in reducing government spending.

  13. Good riddance indeed, but the harm he has done lives after him. I hope your new government will lead the way in the task of helping institutions such as schools remove alarmist propaganda provided or encouraged by the previous government, and in providing some support for, especially, the childhood victims of the scaremongering.

  14. Doug Harvey says:

    Go back to watching birds or whatever it was you did before you became the ex pert on the climate that changes. This is great news 🙂 less hot air already.

  15. Art Vandelay says:

    This is great news, even if it was highly anticipated.
    To these political lobbyists parading as scientists; Good riddance indeed.
    And it’s also goodbye ‘angry summers’ and hello angry Tim, Roger, Gerry and Will.

    But seriously what did they achieve? They’ve clearly failed to deliver on any imperative outlined in their own charter. The CC was clearly an extension of the ALP, where hard earned taxpayers dollars were converted into big fat salaries and fringe benefits for willing comrades.

  16. Does anybody know how large his payout will be?

  17. I don’t know what you’re all getting excited for- the Coalition are still planning to spend buckets of taxpayer funds on their Direct Action programme, and still have a public commitment to meeting the 5% emissions reduction target by 2020, ie they still accept the science of AGW (except for Dennis Jensen)

  18. You have gotta hand it to Abbott, he doesn’t muck around. How quickly did this happen? I thought it was going to be a long drawn out affair. Instead its Chop chop chop no fiddling around at all.

  19. Thank God for that. Next thing is the Greens (Should be called The Gay Marriage Party. Then the ABC. Talk about the king wearing no clothes.. Go Coalition!

  20. Flannery fired? Out of a cannon? Into the sun? I think I’d almost pay to watch that!

    Seriously though, it’s a great pity he follows the alarmist path, given his genuine, and significant contributions to mammalogy and palaeontology. Maybe now he’ll get back to the work he is actually good at, instead of spreading dire prophecies of doom.


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