“Stop indulging warmists’ poisonous fantasy”


“We have to take a stand on this issue. One side is right; one side is quite simply wrong and deserves to be humiliated and crushingly defeated. And the sooner – for all those of us who believe in truth, decency and liberty – the better.”

Read the whole thing.


  1. Great article by Delingpole. This line is great also – “If shyster professors with cushy sinecures in state-funded seats of academe wish to counter such reasonable statements of the glaringly obvious … then the onus is on them to do so using verifiable facts rather than vague, emotive smears.

  2. All well and good, IF there were only two sides to the discussion. However, IF one considers the actual possibility that there is no greenhouse effect then both the above sides ARE wrong in their basic and “agreed” premise that there is a greenhouse effect that man may be affecting by his activities.

    Time will tell, the truth will out, and they will all be left looking not just rather silly, but UNSCIENTIFIC. They, from Hansen to Watts, Monckton to Nova, Suzuki to Grey – all, should have questioned the greenhouse effect “theory”, then they would know it is a failed hypothesis and climate science at present is mostly imaginary pseudo science.

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