Flannery still pushing alarmist bullshit

Failed fortune teller

Failed fortune teller

At least the Climate Council is not being paid for by the taxpayer, so he can say what he likes.

Mammalogist Failed End-of-the-Pier fortune teller Tim Flannery is up to his old tricks, spouting alarmist claptrap about bush fires:

In October, huge bushfires devastated communities, property and livelihoods in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Tragically, two lives were lost. As the Climate Council’s first major report makes clear, our changing climate is increasing the chances of similar events in future.

Yes, bushfires are part of the Australian experience, but large and severe bushfires in October are unusual.

There has been considerable discussion in the media around the link between climate change and bushfires. So let’s get the facts straight.

Hot, dry conditions create conditions favourable for bushfires. Australia has just experienced its hottest 12 months ever recorded, and September 2013 was the hottest September on record. (source)

As Jo points out, the reality is far different. Fractions of a degree changes in average temperature have made little if any difference to bush fire frequency or intensity and rainfall hasn’t declined.

So what can it be that is causing such intense fires? Oh yes, I remember. The extreme Greens who have insisted for decades that there should be no back burning, resulting in massive fuel loads just waiting to go up in smoke. That or a few shells exploding on an army range. Or fires being lit by arsonists.

Flannery conveniently ignores all of those. Wonder why?


  1. He is now open to litigation. It’s worth following his claims and demanding retractions. There is always the Press Council. He still falls in that relm… and he has no ‘royal’ patrons any more. He is very very venerable…

  2. <a href="http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/lithgow-fire-built-up-because-army-personnel-did-not-have-the-equipment-needed-to-battle-blaze-inquiry-told/story-fni0cx12-1226778686163">Defence personnel whose explosives training exercise caused a large-scale fire in the Blue Mountains could not extinguish the newly-lit fire because their fire hose was too short, and the pressure too weak.
    The inquiry also heard that the army or the Rural Fire Service had failed to conduct any hazard reduction burns on the range in almost 20 years, despite several major fires causing extensive damage in the vicinity of the range in recent years.”

    Of course, no mention was made of these facts in Flannery’s article. Why any media outlet still gives Flannery the time of day is astounding. He’s had more failed predictions than Nostradamus!

  3. Andrew Bolt is correct as the time has come when Tim should have to explain why his predictions were so incorrect, Rivers full of water when ‘even the water that does fall will never fill our rivers again’, Warragamba Dam has spilled water several times now since Tim said that it would never be full again, and what about all of the De-sal plants that your fear mongering caused to be built? So what have you got to say about all of that public money that was spent based on what you said would happen, but it didn’t happen did it Tim, so Little Timmy, its time to tell the truth Timmy, That truth is that you are a scaremonger, one who got a job from a PM that needed a circus act to keep her own failings out of the news and you were that ringmaster. and that you saw quite quickly that there is gold in them thar AGW Hills, I am sure that there are persons who keep bottled water under their house because of you and your predictions so it’s time to Please Explain!.

  4. ABC Radio had an interview with him a few weeks back where he was able to use the taxpayer’s funded media to spout his nonsense.

    As you might imagine, he was not challenged by the interviewer (Richard Stubbs, from memory, but I could be wrong) but they joined together to condemn ‘deniers’.

    Privatise the ABC as a priority.

  5. Slightly off topic but still in the alarmist camp:
    Greenpeace cancels Christmas!

    “Greenpeace is warning children the world over Santa Claus might not be bringing gifts to them because of global warming.
    A “Save the Arctic” video released by the environmental group shows a sullen and dirty Santa – played by Jim Carter of “Downton Abbey” — in a dark, concrete room with water dripping from the ceiling.
    “Dear children, I regrettably bring bad tidings. For some time now, melting ice here in the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas,” Santa warned in the Greenpeace video.

  6. thingadonta says:

    There is also the issue of changes to forest tenure and management associated with the transfer or large areas of forestry estate to the conservation estate in the last few decades, especially in the late 1990s-early 2000s, as politicians clambered over each other to attract the minority green vote at successive elections.

    Since there are now large areas which were previously logged but which are now no longer logged in Australia, it is obvious that such areas are going to experience greater fire intensity and occurrence, since the amount of undergrowth and fuel loads is no longer managed by responsible logging practices. Also areas close to townships in particular were transferred to the national conservation estate despite the recommendation that some of these areas would see increase fire risk.

    Everyone who was involved in these forestry reviews (in Tasmanian, Queensland, NSW, Victoria, etc) knew this would happen in certain areas which were formerly kept under control by logging, as fuel loads would then increase, and which also included parts of the Blue Mountains, (in which I was also involved), but I didn’t see Tim Flannery in these forestry reviews anywhere.

  7. I think myself that the big problem with Greece is that all of the Political Parties were claiming to be the most Socialist out of the bunch so they offered ridiculous Socialist Policy’s to try to get elected or a form of one-upmanship where the stakes only got higher and Greece got into a deeper and deeper hole as no political party was prepared to say that we have gone to far with the Socialism Policies.

    This is what has happened as with the Green argument as everyone who wanted to get elected had to look green or at least look greenish, so these stupid policy’s happened, and burning off was put off so long that the forests became infernos waiting to happen and then it rained and the forest’s just got worse and even home owners were forbidden the right to clear away the waiting conflagration at their own doorsteps. And the worse was that anyone who questioned these new plans were attacked with Nazi style efficiency and branded as being deniers, the real problem here is that a balanced view of science was not used and the only ones who could be heard were the AGW true believers and the ones who doubted lost their jobs in a Nazi style Crystal night that saw them gone and the only good thing was that their only loss was their professional reputations, they were not hung from lamp posts but their professional lives were over

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    (Alarmist BS)

  9. For related information on increased intensity of bush fires in the US check out geoengineeringwatch dot org. Soil samples show inc acidity and rainwater with extreme measurements of Aluminium in ( zero is normal). Global aerosol programme dispersing tonnes of nano aluminium, barium and strontium per year are wreaking havoc with climate and inc intensity of forest fires. This is also underway in Australia. [snip – don’t patronise]. This is critical.

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