And the environmentalists accuse sceptics of “misinformation”…!

UPDATE: The original image (here) now has over 12,000 shares on Facebook. and increasing rapidly. The ignorance of social media knows no bounds…

A friend alerted me to this image, allegedly showing the plundering of the Great Barrier Reef by the evil capitalists now in charge in Canberra:

Fake, very fake

Fake, very fake

Gosh, if that really were true… Alas it is half a world away from the GBR. It actually shows the creation of the Palm Island in Dubai:



But hey, who cares about facts when we’re spreading green hysteria? Lacking the capacity for any critical thought, mawkish emotion trumps anything.

Thanks Nick.


  1. Yes, but where did your friend get it from?

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  3. Original image post is below, and has nearly 6000 shares of Facebook since Monday:

  4. I am astonished that the person whop constructed that fake photo could say a word about ‘losing the right to be believed’ the truth is that the only thing that the AGW crowd has left is more lies, more verbal lies and more fake photos.

  5. thingadonta says:

    Those evil rivers dumping sediment into the ocean and inhibiting reef formation all over the world.

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