ACM on Chris Turney and the Akademik Shokalskiy fiasco

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  1. Spot on Simon … the message from the crew of S.S. Stupid:
    – We’re stuck in the ice – proof of global warming
    – We reached the Antarctic – proof of global warming

  2. blackadder says:

    Haha, completely fabricated ‘quote’ as attempted ad hominem, as usual. I challenge you to find any quote similar to “Less sea ice in the Antarctic is a clear sign of global warming”. It’s well acknowledged (even by these guys) that sea-ice worldwide is decreasing, but a smaller increase in the Antarctic sea ice is an ongoing area of research. NOTE: you will have to learn the difference between sea ice and ice sheets! Good luck.

    • I know it’s hard to deal with when a warmist PR disaster like this happens, but unfortunately it is freaking hilarious, and the post is HUMOUR.

    • Sea Ice Worldwide Is Increasing,
      Sea Ice anomaly for Arctic -0.595 Million Km.
      Sea Ice anomaly for Antarctic +1.499 Million Km.
      Since 1979 Antarctic sea Ice has Increased twice as much than the loss at the Arctic.

    • Did you mean decreasing when you said increasing? Worldwide sea-ice is increasing. The gain in the antarctic is greater than the loss in the arctic? Current arctic sea ice anomoly is -0.595 and antarctic anomoly is +1.499 million sq km.

    • “It’s well acknowledged (even by these guys) that sea-ice worldwide is decreasing,”

      Worldwide sea ice is GROWING RAPIDLY, and is now at a 20-year HIGH!
      Scroll down to global sea ice area data from NSIDC.

    • Blackadder: NOTE: you will have to learn the difference between PR stunts and real science. Good luck.

    • “… The effects of this marked shift in westerly winds are already being seen today, triggering warm and salty water to be drawn up from the deep ocean, melting large sections of the Antarctic ice sheet with unknown consequences for future sea level rise while the ability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to soak up heat and carbon from the atmosphere remains deeply uncertain.”

      ie: “Less sea ice in the Antarctic is a clear sign of global warming”

      S.S Stupid website

    • R. Wright says:

      “It is acknowledged that sea-ice worldwide is decreasing.” What facts is this statement based on?
      The current level of global sea ice is actually above the average measurements for global sea ice since the first earth satellites began tracking sea ice, which has not always been true over the last 20 years. It is today. How does the current data indicate that sea-ice worldwide is decreasing?

  3. Dan Harris says:

    CHRIStmas Turkey anyone?, used but going cheap!

  4. Simon Colwell says:

    Ship of Fools.

  5. outdoorrink says:

    The major bummer for these scam artists is that they disrupted real scientific research. For this, they will pay dearly. The media will not be able to shield them from the wrath of the serious scientific community. The humiliation is just beginning.

    They got some nice shots of themselves with penguins, though, and people like blackadder still believe that the ice is melting, so it’s not a total loss…

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