Aussies not fooled by relentless alarmism

Why mention Melbourne's temperatures??

Why mention Melbourne’s temperatures??

The Aussies can, thankfully, see straight through environmental scares.

They’ve heard all the doom and gloom before, they’ve seen all the hysteria, the wailing and gnashing of teeth from those suckling at the government’s teat. Then, if that weren’t enough, they look at the fudging of data, the enviro-activists posing as impartial scientists, the cover-ups, the abuse hurled at critics, the politically-motivated massaging of the message, and realise that the pronouncements of these troughers aren’t worth jack shit.

Australians rank climate change well down on their list of concerns, even though most believe temperatures where they live will rise, according to an annual survey of attitudes by the CSIRO.

On a list of 16 issues ranging from health and cost of living to terrorism and drug problems, climate change came in at just 14th.

Even among environmental issues, the climate ranked only seventh out of eight concerns, behind household waste and above only salinity.

Zoe Leviston, a social psychologist at CSIRO and lead author of the survey, said the ranking was “surprisingly low”, not least because more than 70 per cent of respondents also judged climate change to be either somewhat, very or extremely important. (source)

“Surprising” because, living in a bubble, like most CSIRO scientists do, Ms Leviston has no idea that the rest of the population have more pressing things to worry about, like paying bills, keeping their jobs – you know, trivial stuff… And get this:

Another finding from the CSIRO survey is that people tended to underestimate how widely accepted climate change is in the community. “Climate change denial, or contrarism, or whatever you want to call it, is overrated,” Dr Leviston said.

Yep, the Aussies don’t buy the 97% bullshit either. Onya! And note that anyone challenging the hysteria is either a ‘denier’ or a ‘contrarian’. Who’da thunk it?


  1. Hopefully Ms. Leviston will have to worry about keeping her job soon too.

  2. Below that pic.. “why mention the temperature?”

    I have no problem with the way it is stated..

    ….. because it shows that the temperature is about the same as in 1906, ..

    that’s, like, NO CHANGE in 108 years !!

  3. As much as they talk about how ‘Climate Change’ is happening, still it is not happening. the Oceans are not rising, the world is not hotter, they grasp onto normal changes in the weather and say ‘see it very hot today’ and that is proof of climate change, They say nothing about all the very cold conditions in the USA or Europe. The thing is that there is nothing going on with the weather patterns on our blue planet that has not been going on for ever. CO2 level are up a s there is proof that they are, but he heat of the planet is not up and that is proof that rising CO2 has no connection to the mean temperature of the Earth. In the future then CAGW will be regarded as being the greatest con in history, and I wold not want my personal scientific CV to say that I was a believer in this lie, still as long as they are raking in the money they may as well keep up the scare, you know make hay while the sun shines.

  4. Call me cynical but a quick search of the good doctor Leviston’s Twitter account reveals some strange and indeed puzzling people she is following, for a social research scientist of the CSIRO.

    Apart from the normal people you’d expect such as friends and perhaps family, co-workers, fellow scientists, the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and the CSIRO twitter account there are the following:
    – Climate activist George Monbiot
    – Greens politician Adam Bandt
    – Left leaning The Conversation
    – Labor Senator Penny Wong
    – (Un)Skeptical Science John Cook
    – Ex-Greens leader Bob Brown
    – ABC’s Q&A
    – ABC Leftist journalist Annabel Crabb
    – Ex-Labor prime minster Kevin Rudd
    – Conservative politician (in name only) Malcolm Turnbull

    It wouldn’t be so bad if there were perhaps some skeptical people in the mix but there is not one counter perspective, with 10 of her 21 followings linked to Greens/Labor politicians, activists and left leaning view points.

    I wonder if any of that has any bearing on her ‘scientific research’? Just asking …

    • Totally correct Baldrick, they only gather up the writing’s of the people that also say what they want to hear, and anyone else then they bring out that old Nazi link, they used that appalling denier tag, When you have not got any real science to back up what you say then ATTACK THE MAN and not what he says, gutless the lot of them, when anouther 17 years has passed and there is still no rise then what will they say? They will say that as they are now retired then they no longer give interviews. n

    • Twitter profile claims she is “applying social psychology to natural resource challenges” – should get on with John Cook like a house on fire. And Lewandowsky as well…

    • That’s a very good piece of research there Baldrick, very interesting indeed, it helps put things into perspective (although I am hardly surprised by the results).

  5. Sadly, it’s ultimately *our* “teat” that alarmists are sucking on. It’s way past high time the madness should have ended.

  6. Sean McHugh says:

    “Another finding from the CSIRO survey is that people tended to underestimate how widely accepted climate change is in the community.”

    The community under accepts the community’s acceptance?

    • Sean it’s the way that you classically tell a lie, you just keep saying it and saying it and saying it, the people with a brain don’t believe but some do believe, just now I read about the ice on the Great Lakes and how it is now a new high level of over 92% coverage when Al Gore said that it would be all gone by now as part of his great lie, why does not the news tell that story? In sales work then there is the ‘Benjamin Franklin Close’ and by ‘close’ the I mean ‘close the sale’ or get a signature on the line, now with Ben then you draw a line down the middle of the page and you get the client to help you fill out the side where you list then reasons why they should buy the what ever it is, now here’s the trick, when the side that is meant to be the list of reasons not to buy the what ever it is get filled out then you don’t help the client fill out that side!!!!!!! and you make them list those reasons on their own, this is what the true left believers from the news networks do they don’t help with the other side of the story so it does not get told, at least by them. N

  7. outdoorrink says:

    Levistin should watch Dr. David Suzuki’s beclowning on your ABC network from a few months back. If he could wrap his biased head around what happened there, then he should be able to understand why Australians are not buying the global warming mantra any more.

  8. thingadonta says:

    Actually the one at the top of the list should be the potential for human beings in all ages to use ideology to exploit the forces and cycles of nature for power and control of the population. The Incas did it, the Mayans did it, and many other ancient cultures and religions did it. An ancient version of totalitarian bureaucratic ideology. Nothing has changed in human nature.

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