‘Angry Summer’ gives way to ‘Abnormal Autumn’

Chief Alarmist

Chief Alarmist

I wonder if the propagandists, sorry, er ‘scientists’, at the Climate Council sit around all day thinking of these cheesy monikers?

According to head agitprop generator Will Steffen, the climate is in a foul mood. No, really:

The climate system is in a foul mood. From “angry summer” to “abnormal autumn” – we’re running out of words to describe the relentless extreme weather that Australia is experiencing as global temperatures continue to increase because of climate change. Now the exceptional heat has carried on into the autumn of 2014 in Australia.

What we are witnessing here is the final crazy rantings of a scare that is in its death throes. Nobody is listening any more and we have to scream, shout and throw tantrums to get any attention.

Yes, we have had a warm start to Autumn, but other parts of the globe are colder than average, meaning, surprisingly, that global temperatures have still barely changed since 2001. As for the climate being in a ‘foul mood’, the weather outside today is a beautiful Autumn day, thanks very much. The only ones in a foul mood are the hysterical alarmists who aren’t getting their way any more.

That won’t stop them, however. We will no doubt have Wild Winter, Stormy Spring, Sweltering Summer… all thanks to our crazy catastrophist climatologists.


  1. The only thing abnormal appears to be his brain; we’ve had much warmer autumns (and summers). On the other hand, when you totally disregard history, anything can look abnormal.

  2. luisadownunder says:

    How old is this guy?

    You can excuse (well, no) a teenager remarking on not having witnessed such a warm autumn but at his age he should be embarrassed!

    And they still don’t learn: weather is not climate!!!!

    Ding bats.

    Mind you, the brainless twits reading the news profligate all this nonsense even further.

  3. Brian from Bondi says:

    35 years ago I had a share in a sailing boat and we used to go out on Sydney Harbour most weekends. Not racing, just pleasure. I clearly remember May and June as being wonderful – blue skies, sun shining, no wind in the morning, a gentle breeze in the afternoon, a bit cold for swimming but perfect for a picnic or a BBQ on a quiet beach like those inside North Head.

    Gee, just like today, folks.

  4. Professor Steffen wrote that “the climate system is in a foul mood”.
    This was published on The Conversation, which claims “academic rigour”.
    Funny, that.

  5. Manfred says:

    One of the many joys of the English language is its almost inexhaustible range of adjectives. The climate catastrophista are likely to exhaust themselves into irrelevance bordering extinction well before they face any threat to their polemic brought about by the frightful reality of a paucity of adjectives. They should be encouraged to wax ever more lyrical. It is incumbent upon us to enjoy it while we can, or at least before we die of boredom.

  6. Old Ranga says:

    Marketing demands a steady flow of stuff to keep your brand in front of the consumer. Or in this case the potential philanthropic donor, because the Climate Council now depends on donations to survive.

    Steffen is doing what the PR flacks do – pounding out puff to fill the tip jar. The good thing now is once the money dries up his platform disappears and he’s silenced.

  7. gth00186 says:

    The photo of Will Steffen above shows a more untidy looking person than the photo that accompanied the notice of a presentation to the Australian Fabians on his new classification of the era, the “Anthropocene”, a title Paul Crutzen along with Will Steffen used to classify the era starting with the Industrial Revolution – When man started to change the “Climate”.

  8. Exceptionally warm?! I’m freezing my butt off here – A couple of weeks back, I wondered how close we were to the middle of Winter, only to realize it hadn’t started yet! I’m in NSW.

    Hey, and how can they acknowledge the cease in warming, now 17 years in, and still go on about “relentless warming”? One or the other, please, they can’t have it both ways. Call it stopped, call it paused, call it hidden, call it whatever you like – but if it’s any of those things, it’s not warming!!!

    (Sorry for shouting).

    Maybe it’s relentlessly not warming. Yeah, that’ll do. 🙂

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