Gore blimey – Al slums it with Clive Palmer…

What the heck is Clive Palmer up to? But more importantly, what on earth possessed Al Gore to appear with him at a press conference in Canberra? From being the world’s top climate guru to slumming it with Australia’s most unpredictable politician – how are the mighty fallen.


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  1. ozspeaksup says:

    you sure you got the whos slumming with whom right?
    Palmers keeping LOW company
    funny the Gore efeect in action
    he turns up and Aus cops bitter cold n snow, seems to happen when hes around:-)
    sooner he leaves the better for Aus.

  2. Clive’s not a Senator

  3. Pretty sure Al will turn up anywhere for a fee!

  4. Simon Colwell says:

    I judge people by the company they keep.

  5. Not sure if you borrowed “Gore blimey” from Annabel Crabb’s article in “The Drum” or great minds think alike? I thought Annabel’s take on the Vice President and Professor Palmer was hilarious.

  6. I wonder how much Al charged/got paid. Did Clive get value for his money?

  7. The Oz Media is Stupid all debating why Al & Clive got together.Simply Al flys out to tell Clive about the biggest money making scam ever that he and his Banker Friends have concocted , The ETS and they will cut Clive a deal if he toes the line .Same story different day “Follow the Money”.


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