UK: outgoing minister slams the ‘Green Blob’

Our very own Green Blob (© Bill Leak)

Our very own Green Blob (© Bill Leak)

Owen Paterson, who has been moved on from his post as the UK’s Environment Secretary, unloads:

I leave the post with great misgivings about the power and irresponsibility of – to coin a phrase – the Green Blob.

By this I mean the mutually supportive network of environmental pressure groups, renewable energy companies and some public officials who keep each other well supplied with lavish funds, scare stories and green tape. This tangled triangle of unelected busybodies claims to have the interests of the planet and the countryside at heart, but it is increasingly clear that it is focusing on the wrong issues and doing real harm while profiting handsomely.

Local conservationists on the ground do wonderful work to protect and improve wild landscapes, as do farmers, rural businesses and ordinary people. They are a world away from the highly paid globe-trotters of the Green Blob who besieged me with their self-serving demands, many of which would have harmed the natural environment.

I soon realised that the greens and their industrial and bureaucratic allies are used to getting things their own way. I received more death threats in a few months at Defra than I ever did as secretary of state for Northern Ireland. My home address was circulated worldwide with an incitement to trash it; I was burnt in effigy by Greenpeace as I was recovering from an operation to save my eyesight. But I did not set out to be popular with lobbyists and I never forgot that they were not the people I was elected to serve.

Indeed, I am proud that my departure was greeted with such gloating by spokespeople for the Green Party and Friends of the Earth.

It was not my job to do the bidding of two organisations that are little more than anti-capitalist agitprop groups most of whose leaders could not tell a snakeshead fritillary from a silver-washed fritillary. I saw my task as improving both the environment and the rural economy; many in the green movement believed in neither.

Their goal was to enhance their own income streams and influence by myth making and lobbying. Would they have been as determined to blacken my name if I was not challenging them rather effectively?

Every country has its own Green Blob. I think ours is Christine Milne…


  1. We have another Aussie Green blob….er…or Green Grub.

  2. Owen Paterson is erudite beyond measure, a gentleman of fine stature. Christine Milne, on the other hand, is inarticulate, tawdry, ignorant, and an egotistical and self-righteous git. A snake oil charmer of very little merit.

  3. Well done Owen. Does any one know if Christine’s BoB is Solar or Wind powered.

  4. I’ll change my pic when I work out how to, ‘Old Man Syndrome”,
    But don’t forget one of the original lunatics – Bob Brown, the ‘person’ who began to “lock-up” the entire Tasmanian forestry/logging resources. And Sharia Two-dads with Milne and Brandt as a cheer-squad.

  5. Milne is not our only Green Blob. The whole caboodle of scientific institutions, media, universities, etc that supported the carbon tax make up Australia’s Green Blob. And that Green Blob now needs to be eradicated and obliterated.

    • AAbsolutely correct, there is nothing more rabid than a left wing Greenie like Christine frankenstein, (with that face, she had to be made in a Lab) on a self delusional mission to tear down the rights of people to survive and thrive, unless of course you are a black or an arab muslim seeking to infest Australia and suck off of our welfare system because as a muslim, you have destroyed the fabric of your country and now you want to export your damnation to Australia with your honor killings, female genital mutilation demands and your violent sadistic lifestyle.

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