You’ve got (hate) mail!

Warm mail

Warm mail

The dazzling reasoning and logic behind the following email was enough to make me reflect and repent upon my sins. From the wittily entitled “Mike Hunt” (not real name, I imagine):

MATE! you are a fucking squeezer.

You need to re consider everything you have done with your entire life and go get your tubes tied to prevent any chance of your making more outspoken fuck wit children like yourself.

When the worlds dead – you and only you will be entirely to blame. [Really? Only me? – Ed]

Your [sic] gay.

Sorry, “MATE”, but a response like that just announces to the world that you’ve lost the argument. And probably the plot.

Actually, given the abuse, the swearing and the lack of grammar, perhaps it’s Mike Carlton…


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    When did Flannery change his name to Mike Hunt ? Hahaha

  2. Repulsive Fury!

  3. Hell hath no fury like a derailed climate modeller.

  4. It’s funny how many of these high and mighty “believers” have such poor grammar and will revert to abuse and expletives at the drop of a hat. Just goes to show how desperate they are becoming as their religion slowly collapses.

  5. Probably just some wayward spoiled brat like Will Steffan or Matthew English. Maybe Naomi Oreskes. Couldn’t be Lew.

  6. I have always found that the ignorant use aggressiveness as a shield to hide their true stupidity.

  7. LewSkannen says:

    Wow. You must be some kind of immortal destroyer of worlds. It sounds like you are the only one who will be spared whilst all the rest of us lay dead.
    So as you wander around the dead planet I bet you will be feeling guilty eh!

  8. Could it be Malcolm Flannery, the “bastard” brother. With such an eloquent use of the English language how about homosexual Bob or indeed that spiky haired hermaphrodite Penny Wrong, there is nothing more viralent than a fag in full flight. Oh dear, is that politically correct. Sorry erm, definition; “Political correctness is the reluctance to speak the truth for fear of causing offence.”

  9. Why was this mail unfinished? It seems unfair to leave it at ‘your gay’, because to makes me want to know ‘your gay’ what? – friend? -elephant?

    it’s strange that they probably claim to understand the science, but can’t wrap their minds around straightforward english grammar.

    If you were a climate scientist from a certain Australian institution, you should be calling this a death threat and going to the media…right?

    • …and predictably, when complaining about grammar, I manage to make mistakes myself… oh well…

  10. charles nelson says:

    Mike Mann maybe? He’s a bit of a hunt.

  11. I bet this cretin is also a serial troll on Andrew Bolt’s blog. Most of them have numerous names with the GetUp e-mail address.
    The appalling English Expression and foul language is a dead set give-away.

  12. Old Ranga says:

    Ignore them. The silence infuriates them. Makes them suspect they’re irrelevant!

  13. I really don’t know what you are complaining about, this emailer is obviously well above the average IQ of the warmist brigade…

  14. Classy!

  15. Could it be christine Milne by any chance?????? <:o) Sounds bright enough.

    • gcross, you have hit the “green blob” on the head, well if you could call it that, I mean with a face like that she is really Christine Frankenstein, had to be put together in a lab (or dungeon) and those teeth, well they are fresh out of a grave. As for the brain, she needs a reboot and reformat from the 19th to the 21st century. But there again, it would be a waste of time as all Green politicians are.

  16. Anthony Watts says:

    I’ve got emails that top that. Emotionalism and AGW go together it seems.

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