Trouser-wetting thunderclap in Sydney

I was casually recording an approaching storm this afternoon when this happened, and I had to change my underwear.

Turn the volume up, watch full screen in HD for the full experience… OMG…

The strike was about 80 metres away (behind the camera, I believe) and marble-sized hail followed from a suspected supercell.


  1. I have had a week or more of that – I wonder if the desal plant got flooded?

  2. We’ve had 2 lightning strikes close to our house like that in the last year. One time I was sitting where I am right now and the modem 2 feet in front of me started sparking inside the case… and then the lightning and thunder hit. The modem was lost as was one of our two satellite TV receivers. The second instance got the modem. Both times resulted in power being lost to the hose. The first popped the fuse on the power pole. The second time, the aging transformer on the pole had to be replaced.

  3. No recorded f-word, Simon? Congratulations.

  4. Old Ranga says:

    As the late great Graham Kennedy used to say, “Off to Spotless!”

  5. Sceptical Sam says:

    So there was an electrical storm in Sydney?

    Get a grip.

    You’re all sounding like warmists.


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