Climate talks – where time is always running out…

The UN egg-timer that never runs out

The UN egg-timer that never runs out

But at the same time, time never runs out!

Time for a quiz, I think. Identify the source of each of the following quotes, and in relation to which UNFCCC Climate Talks they were said.

Quote 1:

“There is still a chance to stay within the internationally agreed ceiling [of warming under two degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels]. But the window of opportunity is fast narrowing. We can no longer afford to burn our way to prosperity.”

Quote 2:

“The political stakes are high because the effectiveness and credibility of your intergovernmental, multilateral process are in danger. And the environmental stakes are high because we are quickly running out of time to safeguard our future.”

Quote 3:

“This is yet another call for climate action which shows the world is not getting its act together fast enough. The bad news of the report released today is that current carbon cuts are too slow to prevent dangerous climate change. But the good news is that we have options to close the gap although time is running out. And some of them are just a no-brainer: energy efficiency, renewable energy and fossil fuel subsidy reform.”

Quote 4:

“I appeal to all world leaders … to redouble efforts to find the room for compromise, to make a final push in this final stretch. Time is running out… There is no time for posturing or blaming.”

Quote 5:

Time is running out. The door is closing fast on us because the pace and the scale of action is simply not yet where it must be.”

No prizes, just for fun. Email entries to First in with the correct answer wins (in other words, who can google the quotes the quickest…).


  1. Not real hard – they are quotes from the jet setting, loud mouthed UNFCC executive secretary, Christiana Figueres who told us that the October 2013 bush fires in the Blue Mountains in NSW were definitely caused by man made global warming but was suspiciously quiet about the October 2014 snowfalls in the Blue Mountains!

  2. I’m waiting until there is only five minutes left to save the World, I work better under pressure. N

  3. Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

    Sounds like the drivel the Fairfax Press spout every bloody day.

  4. Quote 1: Rusty the Clown. Quote 2: Groucho Marx. Quote 3: The Goons. Quote 4: Laurel and Hardy. Quote 5: Dr Zyborg

  5. Time is running out but give me the money anyway

  6. thingadonta says:

    I think they are referring to the time it takes for the world to wake up to their distortion of the facts. Time is running out, but for the IPCC and the UN climate crisis façade.

  7. Time is running out, but I think that there are not so many politicians and governments that really care about that. “Act together”…. that made me laugh…..

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