Lima talks teetering on brink of ignominious collapse

Congratulations, Australia!

Congratulations, Australia!

Cue the environmentalist alarm-mongers:

Frustrated climate campaigners have claimed that the world was on course for an unsustainable four-degree rise in temperatures, as two weeks of negotiations for a climate change agreement headed for an unsatisfying conclusion.

The proposals, still under discussion on Saturday, a day after the talks were scheduled to end, were too weak to keep global warming to the agreed limit of two degrees above preindustrial levels, setting the world on course to a climate disaster, according to developing countries at the summit.

“We are on a path to three or four degrees with this outcome,” said Tasneem Essop, international climate strategist for WWF [i.e. rent-seeking organisation with vested interest riding the climate bandwagon – Ed].

She said the final draft text, a five-page document put forward for approval on Saturday, offered little assurance of cutting emissions fast enough and deeply enough to curb warming. “We are really unhappy about the weakening of the text. This gives us no level of comfort that we will be able to close the emissions gap to get emissions to peak before 2020,” she said. Saleemul Huq, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Environment and Development [ditto – Ed], put it even more succinctly: “It sucks. It is taking us backwards.” (source)

And there’s more good news:

This year’s Fossil of the Year Award, goes to Australia who take the Colossal Fossil award for collecting more Fossil awards than any other country here at COP20. From the get-go Australia signalled they were not coming here to make progress towards a comprehensive international climate agreement. This was pretty clear when they sent a climate sceptic Trade Minister Andrew Robb along to “chaperone” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop into a negotiating dead-end. The delegation in Lima has been dragging down loss & damage, flip-flopping on climate finance, and making bizarre comments that reveal a warped perspective on climate action. Shape up Australia, you are making Canada look good! (source)

Great sabotage from Bishop and Robb – respect!


  1. “the world was on course for an unsustainable four-degree rise in temperatures,”
    Well if the rise is unsustainable then it will soon cease. So what are they whining about?

  2. I watched Julie Bishop this morning being closely questioned by Paul Kelly and Peter van Onselen on Sky News Agenda. An impressive performance by a shrewd and capable political player.

    The Australian taxpayer and our aid recipients, particularly in the Pacific region, have come out winners. Kiribati, are you listening?

  3. Lyall Gardner says:

    Congratulations Andrew Robb! Pity about the $200m promise to the “warming account” though. On a related note, the warmists were recently claiming that the fact November in Sydney produced 13 days above 30 degrees meant climate change was well under way. However, they undermined their own stupidity by saying that the November outcome equalled the 13 days above 30 set in NOVEMBER 1924–88 years ago!! The question is therefore were they claiming climate change in 1924? I think not. And what happened during the 88 years in between? Much cooler of course. Hardly global warming!

    • Lyell , even if Sydney WAS the warmest, Sydney is NOT ”the globe”!!! Unless you people realize that: ”some places is always warmer than normal, BUT: ”simultaneously”, other places on the planet are colder than normal,; for those few days, or a year” = skeptics lost…Lyall can you dig it? the planet is a big place!

      You can follow places where is ”cooler” than last year, for many years; and make case for a phony ”global” cooling also, BUT: in reality: ”overall” planet’s temp is ALWAYS the same! If you people can get that – the Warmist are finish – they cannot have a real proof, because isn’t any global warming! until then, you guys, blame yourselves only, for Warmist looting the urban sheep…

  4. Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

    More good news, but they will cobble together some inane document at the last hour that will keep the zombie event going.

  5. Worst marketing plan in history! All they had to do was figure out what resonated with the desires of more than 60% of the population and sell it on it benefits. As total population increases rapidly, environmental issues must be addressed, and one of the best ways to address them is on energy efficiency resulting in reductions in the cost of living. Take that basic approach and they won’t have to tell porkies, and attempt to scare people into doing what they are told. In the past fifty years education has changed its approach. We have learned to question everything presented as fact and to reason, rather than accept the statusquo. If the UNEP and UNIDO people wanted to achieve genuine environmental change, it would be driven by the people, but only because it is seen to benefit the people, rather than have them watching countless billions of dollars disappear into some massive, ineffective, global fund used mainly to finance nothing better than a scare campaign. Dump all of the global warming and climate change departments at the UN, and get on with the job.

  6. Gotta love these “agreements” they fabricate after everyone else has left !!!

  7. Very honoured for Australia to win all these awards.

  8. Good. N

  9. “..according to developing countries at the summit”.

    Makes one wonder what the other countries said; though if it’s what I think it is, it’s no wonder the MSM isn’t reporting it.

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