Climate Council: junk science leads to record levels of alarmism

Only the ABC cares about Flannery any more...

Only the ABC cares about Flannery any more…

The Climate Council is nothing more than an alarmism generating machine. Every year the level of hysteria increases faster than global temperatures, and breaks records with monotonous regularity.

With Tim Flannery and Will Steffen slowly stewing in their own warmist juices, there is no moderating element to reign in the madness, which gets more and more extreme every year.

And, despite being a privately funded organisation, the Climate Council has the ABC as its uncritical media department, providing – for free – all the publicity that it needs. And when I say ‘for free’, I mean paid for by our taxes.

A new report by the Climate Council of Australia says it would have been “virtually impossible” for 2013 to be the hottest year in the country’s record without man-made emissions in the atmosphere. [But I thought 2014 was the ‘hottest year evah’? – Ed]

The independently-funded group [with a taxpayer funded propaganda wing, the ABC – Ed] used new modelling [Ah yes, computer climate modelling, we all know how reliable that is – Ed] to look at the odds of extreme heat events occurring, with and without man-made emissions.

A computer simulation of the atmosphere showed that climate change tripled the odds that the heatwaves of 2012/2013 would occur as frequently as they did and doubled the odds that they would be intense as they were.

More than 123 temperature records were broken over that summer.

Professor Will Steffen said the record temperatures of 2013 were caused by man-made emissions[Now tell me this isn’t propaganda – Ed]

“What were the odds of that happening without the human carbon pollution, and what were the odds with human carbon pollution? The answer is quite striking,” he said.

“The answer is that year, 2013, being the hottest year in Australia ever, was virtually impossible without human emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

“That’s conclusive evidence in my view that human driven emission of greenhouse gases were the primary cause of 2013 being the hottest year on record.

“In other words, it wouldn’t have happened without them.” [Will went on to say thanks to the ABC for the free plug, but that bit was edited out – Ed] (source)

Sorry, Will, who gives a shit what your view is? You are an hysterical climate alarmist. Your view would be that man made CO2 was to blame whatever the evidence showed. If it weren’t for their mates at the ABC giving them uncritical prime-time reporting (free publicity) at taxpayers’ expense, nobody would give a toss about the Climate Council, Steffen and least of all that hopeless crystal ball gazer Flim-Flammery.

I downloaded the report, which has the feel of a Greenpeace leaflet with dire warnings and calls-to-arms, but couldn’t stomach the content after the first page. However, I did a search for a simple phrase that would be critical when looking at heatwaves in major Australian cities today compared with the 1950s: “urban heat island”.

The phrase doesn’t appear in the report anywhere.


  1. I wonder if the “Hysterical Climate Alarmists” have ever considered that the sun’s output may be getting higher. I would think that it must be possible that the sun’s energy output must change, I don’t know how you could apply a thermostat after all.

    • Yes, you have the answer, these two ‘scientists’ need to go on a real field trip and do some real science, to the sun, do some real science and find out if the ice on the sun is getting melted and if the sun is actually hotter or not, if these two drongos say they are worried about ‘all the heat of the sun’ and that they may get a ‘mild sun burn’, then all we do is tell them to “Go at Night”. N

  2. So in summary: “We used a computer model which assumes CO2 is the cause for the warming, to prove that without CO2 there would be no warming”

    well.. I installed a green coloured light in my bedroom, and when I turned it on, all my walls appeared green, this proves that the guy in the paint store lied when he said he was selling me white paint.

    How do these idiots get degrees?
    (pun intended)

    • At university of course and these “degrees” are conferred by other idiots. Please realize that a degree these days is relatively meaningless. Students must skew their essays in the right direction, one doesn’t need many runs on the board to enter many courses and then if one’s English is not up to it money will suffice.

      • I like what Kath said about obtaining a degree, in my own case at an economics exam, one question worth 50% of the marks was beyond me, so I improvised and said, “I dont know about (subject of the question) but lets talk about the Marxian Labour Theory of Value” and I wrote pages on that instead. I passed the goddam exam. It proves it; have an opinion and you will pass.

  3. “increases faster than global temperatures,”

    Gees, seeing that temps are basic flat.. they really are starting to look like very SILLY little boys 🙂

  4. Their regular scare campaigns are just a ‘Fund Raising Drive’ when ever they need a top up to their bank balance then they release a new disaster prediction and they don’t care that it sounds ludicrous to the non ‘brain dead’ among us as the idiots who are in line and who do believe this crap just dig deep anyway. If you see two guys arguing on the other side of the street then don’t go over and ask them why. It will be about money. Everything these clowns do is also about money and they don’t care that they look like con men as they are. N

  5. Please tell me you were aware of this “new” scientific revelation.
    Our farmers already knew it.
    I really can’t remember the last time I saw a farmer standing in the middle of paddock playing with his yo yo.
    I have passed this information onto the climate commission and would expect it to get a run in Steffan’s next “comic book”.

  6. Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia says:

    Maybe if we all wore black head to toe loose clothing with just 2 holes to see through we would get a tick of approval from the Climate Council because our garb ticked some of their environmental policies?

  7. When Cory Bernadi was asked by concerned climate scientists to access the BOMs info regards 2013 being hottest year on record because it was obvious BS, the BOM said, “Oh dear we have just junked all those files because we are using a new modeling formula instead of the “High Quality set” of data.
    I would have had the Fed Police lock them out and confiscate everything and put some able person like David Evens in charge of the investigation. I will never understand the pathetic weak response to GW hysteria from our “Conservatives,” many of whom are Globalists, so I guess that is at least part of it.

  8. Simon you left out the last two sentences of the ABC report.

    “In a statement, a spokesman for Environment Minister Greg Hunt said the report drew on research conducted and published by the Australian Government.

    The statement said the Government believed clearly and categorically in the science, and was committed to achieving its carbon emission reduction targets.”

    What is going on? Does Greg Hunt know something? Is an upset possible tomorrow and he is hedging his bets to improve his career prospects?

    However I do note that Turnbull is getting more lukewarmist as he recently stated that he believed that Australia should not act in advance of major polluters. Also on Q&A late last year he stated that “I do have to say, in fairness, that emissions trading schemes have worked better in theory than in practice.”

    Interesting times.

  9. The output of a (human-created) computer model is “evidence”? Not in this universe.

  10. Ivan Chan says:

    The mass-media, which overwhelmingly promotes Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hoax, whether public or private is in the secret control of the enemy tribe not only here in Australia but more clearly globally if you care to research. And if you wonder who that is, consider what Voltaire had to say, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” You know, that one particular historical event that should you even dare question, would be met with hefty fines and jail terms in most of Europe and here too in Australia.

    That is how the climate scam goes on to justify the subversion of Australia’s energy policies, in particular the current Renewable Energy Target mandate that promotes worthless technologies like Industrial Wind Turbines at serious costs and harm to Australians. Control of the media is key to how this AGW agenda dominates and infests government treacherous policy decisions, regardless of the real climate scientific truths.

    • I think that Ivan Chan is absolutely right. However I don’t know exactly what the “historical event” he mentions is. What is the event that we are not allowed to question? Is it Climategate? I agree with the quote from Voltaire.

    • Ivan, Can you let us all in on your secret? What enemy tribe are you referring to and what is the particular historical event that cannot be criticized?

      Rather than beating around the bush be explicit. A link to some other web site is a cop out. If you frame your answer carefully you could probably avoid the wrath of Section 18C (and there is always section 18D).

      • MikeR, would you agree that Racial Discrimination Act section 18C could be used to punish me should this ‘secret’ be revealed? If so, it is highly mischievous of you. For all who are interested in how important it is for Australians to never give up the freedom to express an opinion, please read Our right to dissent from ‘politically correct’ views is fundamental and non-negotiable. This government has begun to removed this and other rights incrementally from us. This is the insidious slide to tyrannical oppressive rule using carefully crafted subterfuges so that the masses do not suspect foul play. Freedom-loving intelligent folks need to take note and take action before it is too late.

        • reichforthesky says:

          I am not sure why you worry that any of your contributions would lead to prosecution under Section 18C. But if you are worried then read Section 18D as a guide to framing your comments.

          Considering the vast amount of ridiculous nonsense already out there on the internet, I doubt anyone is going to chase you down rabbit holes for your contribution. As the great US jurist Louis Brandeis (no relation to George) wrote, many years ago in support of free speech, ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’ (followed closely by ridicule, in my opinion).

          So once again, in the interest of exposure, feel free to let us all know who the ’enemy tribe’ is and the historical event that cannot be criticized.

    • Firstly, I just cannot believe it is illegal to discuss any aspect of the Holocaust, the Holodomor or Stalin’s great purges in Australia. Even if one’s views happen to be regarded as “out there”. That is what is great about this country, its freedoms. And there is a lot to be said about Jewish people as well, including their contributions to European society and culture, and the repression that Ashkenazic Jews endured in Europe preceding both of the 1917 Russian revolutions. And of life after the Revolution as detailed by Yuri Slezkine in his tome “The Jewish Century” (Princeton University Press). In fact there is some debate about that, to which various scholars have contributed, on both sides of the fence.
      As to what Ivan is alluding to regarding AGW, well he’s wrong. Frederick Singer and Richard Lindzen are an eminent two of many scientists who do not concur with the castastrophists. I invite you to research their ethnic backgrounds and make up your own minds.

      • On the history of the struggle for free speech in Australia, please read this well-researched and documented article:

        For a fair view of the so-called ‘Russian Revolution’, please read the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918 – 2008), a Russian historian who survived the gulag death camps.

        • Okay, Ivan, I read the article you linked to, an excellent concise summary of how interest groups have subverted lawmaking, administration and the political process in Australia. Ain’t democracy grand? Did you bother to follow up on Slezkine’s book, Kevin Macdonald’s controversial take on it, and Eugene Girin’s rebuttal on VDARE?
          I also note that Eugene Girin elsewhere attacked some of his brethren’s immigration advocacy in Australia, (the advocacy mentioned in your linked text) so these debates are interwoven to some extent. However, I still contend you are wrong on your conspiracy angle with regard to AGW. There are People of the Book on all sides of the AGW debate. Lord Nigel Lawson springs to mind. And we are fortunate indeed that they are well represented on the skeptical side of the AGW debate.

  11. Natural processes produce 97% of all Co2 and are able to absorb 106% of all naturally occurring and anthropologically produced Co2 in Australia. These figures include coal sold and used offshore.
    Even if Co2 were a problem, (which it isn’t) Australia is Carbon Neutral!!!!!!!!
    These figures were extracted form various Aust Gov web sites.

  12. Climate is the continuation of oceans by other means. So, when climate is heating, it means that the ocean is already heated and that there is something happening on the ocean. What else could it be? Naval activity, warfare, etc. It is obvious that we should pay attention to the ocean to see why global warming is happening.

    • Did you ever consider that the answer could be “There is no Global Warming and this is all a beat up” N

    • smamrwer, global warming is NOT happening, and never will!!!

      You are like PDF program, cannot receive messages… get outside your cave and see: the temp is same as always was! They are telling you lies about the polar caps and bottom of the sea warming = the phony global warming lost its compass OR: they rely on the most ignorant, to believe; because you can’t go there and check for himself how much the warmist are lying!..

      2] water in the sea is fluid – colder water is heavier and always pushes warmer water upwards! Even if you pump hot water from the surface deep down via pipe -> the warmer water would INSTANTLY surface => therefore; isn’t any warmer water to surface!!!
      b] when the sea gets warmer, for ANY reason -> evaporation increases INSTANTLY – evaporation is cooling process for the sea. More evaporation => more clouds, clouds are as sun umbrellas for the sea and land! It’s called: ”Temperature Self Adjusting Mechanism (TSAM) Try to grow up, smamawar!!!

  13. Johnpilot, the oceans control the input of the sun. The oceans control the thermostat of the atmosphere. The oceans control weather. Defining: Climate is the continuation of the oceans by other means, would make sense of the term CLIMATE. For many information, I recommend you:

  14. The fact is that they are running out of believable reasons so now they come up with the totally preposterous ones, “all the missing heat is now hidden in the deep ocean where it cannot be measured” and it is there totally in contradiction of the proven laws of thermodynamics. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. N

    Name: ‘The Heat’
    AKA ‘Warming’
    Once thought to hiding in the upper atmosphere
    however weather balloons and satellites were unable
    to locate him.
    Another location Mr Heat, AKA Warming, was
    suspected of hiding was in the deep oceans but
    ongoing searches have been unsuccessful.
    The polar regions were thought be another hideout
    however it appears to be far too cold for Heat to
    survive in either of those locations.
    Some notorious criminals were reported to be packing
    heat but this appears to be a misunderstanding
    Anyone knowing the whereabouts of missing Heat
    should contact their nearest weather bureau.
    A free autographed photo of Al Gore.

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