CSIRO boss issues apology for ‘religion’ jibe

Forced to apologise…

Forced to apologise…

The Climate Inquisitors got their way and forced an apology – an update on this story from yesterday.

But it is a pyrrhic victory, since it is the zealotry that infects the alarmist cause.

From the Puff Ho:

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall has apologised for calling the reaction to planned climate science job cuts “more like religion than science”.

Speaking at a senate estimates hearing on Thursday afternoon Marshall said he was “merely referring to the passionate zeal around this issue, not any other reference“.

“I’d like to apologise for any offence I may have caused to anyone with respect to my reference to religion,” the CSIRO boss said. (source)

But it is precisely the passionate zealotry of the alarmists that is the problem: the fanatical and blinkered pursuit of a preconceived ideology, whether that be religious or otherwise which blinds them to any dissent. Just as religious zealots are impervious to any challenge to their belief system, so the alarmists are similarly impervious to theirs.

The religious aspect is irrelevant – the zealotry remains.


  1. The climate will do, what it always did change, without peoples interference! Its time to stop the hysterical lies!

  2. Ummmm- I thought he was apologising to the religious for that reference.
    Why would the” climate scientists” be offended?

  3. I suppose Larry apologised so that this fuss did not further distract from the real point of the CSIRO’s announced plan to better use our tax dollars to serve the interests of all Australians, not just those of climate scientists. In the modern workplace at some time everyone can expect to face unexpected and unwelcome change in their chosen occupation. Down the years most in my own family have had to adapt to workplace change or even retrain for a total career change; its often been tough on the individual, and interestingly virtually all of them are scientists….

  4. Larry has nothing to say sorry for , in fact he should be thanked .
    As for the jobless 350 I need my car washed !

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