🤡🌏 Sydney mayor Clover Moore tries to “virtue signal” the climate into submission 😂

Get her off my screen…

Honk honk! Clown World! 📯📯 🤡🌏

The lunatics are truly in charge of the asylum.

What the actual? Clover Moore has always been a complete f-ing moonbat, but this takes the cake.

City of Sydney councillors will vote next week on a plan to declare climate change as posing a “serious risk” to residents, and that it should be treated as a national emergency.

Lord mayor Clover Moore will ask the council to demand the Morrison government responds by re-introducing a price on carbon and to establish a “Just Transition Authority” to assist employees to exit fossil fuel industries.

“Successive federal governments have shamefully presided over a climate disaster, and now we are at a critical juncture – we face a climate emergency,” Cr Moore said in a statement.

What exactly can the City of Sydney contribute to mitigating this “climate emergency” I wonder? Build some more bike lanes, perhaps? Virtue signal the climate into submission? If anyone can do it, Clover can!!

Planet’s been here 4-and-a-half-billion-fuckin-years, but what do I know…?

Geez. Climate Madness reigns in Sydney.


  1. Seems the residents got the result they wanted…..How many zombies are there in Australia FGS?
    Still a fraction of what we have in the UK – Kick them out while you still can…!


  2. The solution is to ban plastic straws.
    That’s the only way to treat a non-problem.

  3. Earlier comment: “Clover Moore has always been a complete f-ing moonbat, but this takes the cake.”

    Pretty much says it all really.

    FWIW, Clover is mayor of only a very small area of Sydney. The CBD unfortunately.

    Her electorate are people who can afford to live in inner city apartments.
    They comprise about 20% snobs, 30% gays and 50% hipsters who think they’re gay snobs but are actually just posers not too sure who the hell they are.

    They don’t bother with cars, they can afford taxis. They don’t worry about rising electicity bills, they can afford that too. They don’t give the tiniest toss about anyone who lives 3 feet past the end of Pitt St because they don’t mix with the bogans who deserve to pay more for everything because they’re stoopid.

    They didn’t go to the same schools and don’t get that virtue signalling is a buzz worth any price to the signaller, as long as the bill is paid by the bogans.

    Bit like socialism really. 😦

  4. John in Oz says:

    ‘Climate emergency’ seems to be what global warming, climate change, climate weirding and all other failed memes has morphed into.

    Fake it until you make it.

  5. Luigi Soprani says:

    How much do the greens know about “climate change” in general when they don’t even have a permanent name for it? “Global warming” became “climate change”, then climate crisis, climate extremes, climate emergency and so on. The only things they all seem to agree is to put the blame on “climate change” for anything that happens they don’t like: too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, rats plagues, one’s 70 year old wife becoming unexpectedly pregnant: perhaps not yet, but coming soon from a green scientist near you. By the end of this century our descendants would be much better off with 1.5 C extra warming and more CO2 than with the flood of nonsense and scaremongering being circulated today.

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