The Greens are complete hypocrites

Warm yourself by the heat from this burning wind turbine…

Greens: We must build wind farms to save the planet!
Also Greens: We must not build wind farms to save endangered birds!

Unprincipled to the highest degree, the Greens will relentlessly push for damaging environmental action like wind farms and massive solar arrays… as long as it’s for other people.

Total hypocrites.

Environmentalists are supposed to like wind farms. They provide renewable energy and are seen as a key part of the energy transition as Australia attempts to lower its carbon emissions to meet its Paris Agreement obligations.

But former leader of the Greens, Bob Brown, has come out swinging against a giant new wind farm planned for Robbins Island, in the north-west corner of Tasmania.

He says it is in the wrong place, will ruin the view and kill endangered birds like the Tasmanian wedge-tail eagle and the white-breasted sea eagle that live on the island, and potentially migratory birds like the swift parrot and the orange-bellied parrot that travel between Tasmania and the mainland. (source)

Today’s challenge – find any principle or consistency in the Greens’ shrill environmental posturing. Yeah, good luck with that…


  1. Let’s face it the Greens have the right name, green in every facet of their politics, as in immature and stupid… We should emphasize Greens as being green at every opportunity until they change their name. They will never change their outlook.

    “OH look what the green Greens are doing now – they really live up to their name”

  2. John in Oz says:

    They have always been hypocrites in that they happily use the fruits of modern technology and infrastructure that was built on the back of copious amounts of energy from fossil fuels.

  3. Why cannot we find one member of parliament to ask the Greens to confirm they are all off the grid at home and none own a fossil fuel powered form of transport.
    I have a belief that they are so brain dead that they all use fossil fuel for everything…but are against fossil fuel..

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  5. It absolutely puzzles me,why would you vote for the greens,they will destroy western civilization if you let them

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