Lockdown protesters are foolish, but many share their frustration

Zero cases is a pipe dream

Yes, it was very silly to gather in large numbers to protest the ongoing lockdowns in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. It will give ammunition to our lockdown-addicted governments to keep them going even longer.

But many will sympathise with the immense frustration that the protesters are feeling, especially with no end in sight for us here in Sydney. Will Gladys just keep extending the lockdown until next week? Or next month? Or next year? Who knows. There is no clear path out of the government’s misguided aim of zero cases.

All we have to look forward to is more restrictions, stretching out into the distant future, as we see our economy crippled, businesses dead, our kids’ education stunted, and the mental health of our citizens plunging further and further into despondency.

Even the UK Telegraph newspaper has noticed [$] Australia’s impossible aim of zero cases, in particular in South Australia:

Expert opinion appears to be unanimous that – in the long term – we are going to have to live with Covid, such that the sooner we get to herd immunity, the better.

For Australia to try to live on an entirely Covid-free basis is probably about as sensible as sitting on the beach at low water ordering the tide not to come in. The consequence a millennium or so ago was simply that King Canute got wet feet. The consequence of these lockdowns today is much more sinister.

Bizarrely, the public mood here seems, by and large, to accept the damage – likely to be permanent – done by these lockdowns. There is a hope here that vaccination, which is slowly being rolled out, will prevent any cases of Covid among the vaccinated.

Fat chance of that! In the meantime, South Australians are clapping their hands and singing along, just as teacher asks.

We are all thoroughly sick of the lurgy and we are all thoroughly sick of lockdowns, especially when that seems to be the first line response for state premiers. We all thought the worst was over in 2020. But no, here we are, over half way through 2021, and we’re essentially back where we started.

It’s time for governments to abandon the impossible target of zero cases and learn to live with the lurgy.


  1. Templar says:

    I understand that almost every Covid case in Australia is attributable to hotel quarantine, hospitals, nursing homes and cruise ships. Perhaps open air is a safer option. For example, have any spectators at AFL and league games tested positive after the game? We know that despite the lockdown, there has been a surge in NSW cases.

  2. Silly?

    How else are good people supposed to protest against tyranny.

    Governments around the world are making hay while the sun shines – meaning they will continue with oppressive measures because that is what agenda 21/30 demands of them.
    We are but cattle to be psychologically controlled and nudged towards the right reactions to allow the great RESET to come in

  3. Peter Paz says:

    Net zero will never happen. I recently received an email from my local pharmacy reminding customers its not to late to get their flu shot. In part, the email stated that “Over 3,300 avoidable deaths occur in Australia every year from complications of seasonal flu, including pneumonia.” I guess a pharmacy would base this on reliable sources. So where where the lockdowns every year for flu? Why where people not being coerced to get a flu shot?

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