Climate Madness returns to Australia

Virtue signalling on Day 2

Thanks to the Greens in drag (the Teals), we now have a radical left Labor government intent on destroying our economy to virtue signal about the climate. Seriously, I thought we’d got over all this nonsense, but apparently not.

I’m not sure about the stats right now, but Australia’s annual emissions are churned out by China every fortnight (or something ridiculous like that), so even if we shut down our economy completely and cut emissions by 100%, we will save two weeks of China’s emissions every year. Wow brilliant!

At least the Liberal bedwetters, who constantly plugged climate action and other right-on woke issues like trans rights, have all been expunged from the parliament so perhaps the party can start again being a little bit more, you know, CONSERVATIVE maybe?? Who knows, people might actually vote for it! Geez…

Occasional posts on this blog will return when my blood pressure exceeds recommended levels…

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