Australian COVID Madness

This little critter will be with us for ever – we need to learn to live with it…

The only thing that exceeds the hysteria surrounding a harmless trace gas in the atmosphere is the hysteria surrounding COVID, and once again Australia is leading the way with authoritarian lockdowns when the rest of the world is finally opening up.

Currently, 13 million Australians are confined to their homes with daily COVID infection numbers of barely over a hundred. In the UK, 60 million Poms are free to go about their business with daily COVID infection numbers of nearly 40,000 – forty THOUSAND – and increasing.

Gladys fronts the media every day at 11 to berate us for “not doing enough” to stop the spread, whilst in reality, trying to achieve zero cases is literally like holding back the tide.

Yes, COVID can be serious, but currently we have 0.00052% of the population infected, an even more ridiculously small number in ICU and a yet more ridiculously small number of deaths, yet the two largest states in Australia are effectively shut for business. It’s total madness.

Now we are told that this is a “national emergency” – when barely 1 person out of every 200,000 is infected each day (and probably has few if any symptoms).

Remember all that bullshit about “flattening the curve” back in 2020? Where’s that gone? It’s been replaced by this impossible aim to “achieve ZERO cases” which is utterly ludicrous.

It also ignores the significant damage lockdowns create in the community, not only economic and social, but educational, with millions of kids unable to attend school, and medical as well, with rates of suicide and depression linked to extended lockdowns. The cost benefit analysis just doesn’t stack up.

Yet there is no sign of anything changing, except for the worse. Lockdowns will become tighter, freedoms curtailed further, in pursuance of a goal that is unattainable. Madness.

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