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UPDATE: I’m currently awaiting an appeal decision regarding an FOI request. Once this is handed down, I will (hopefully) be posting on the material.

ACM will be on a break for a while. Unfortunately, other (non-climate-related) projects mean that blogging must take a back seat for an as yet undetermined period.

As always, check the live Blog Roll on the right for your daily dose of climate sanity.


Bloggies: Congratulations Jo Nova

Well done, Jo Nova

Congratulations Jo Nova, for winning the Best Aussie or NZ Blog – a great blog that fully deserved to win.

As soon as I saw you were nominated I knew I didn’t stand a chance!

Thanks to all my readers who voted for ACM.


Web of Trust infested with warmists – action required!

Warmists arrive, and trust goes out the window.

Whilst we’re on blogging matters, my attention was drawn in the comments today to the Web of Trust extension for browsers, which is a crowd-sourced rating system for websites. It ranks sites on Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety, and provides a little indicator in your browser, green for good, amber for beware, and red, avoid.

I was astonished to see that ACM merited a “red” indicator, and was ranked “poor” for the first three criteria and “unsatisfactory” for Child Safety!

How amazing, since as I don’t sell anything, that I can be rated poor for Vendor Reliability! Equally amazing, since I have never revealed anyone’s email address or contact details, that ACM is poor for “privacy” as well. And as you all know, climate realism is harmful to impressionable children so I guess that’s why it’s rated “unsatisfactory” – what we need is more alarmist indoctrination, right?

Trustworthiness is objective. However, I report stories accurately, and I don’t alter or tinker with the extracts from media sources that I cite. You can form your own opinion as to whether you agree or disagree with the opinions expressed, but that does not go to the issue of trustworthiness.

Let me point out that I am all in favour of this kind of system. It allows people who may not be as internet-savvy as others to get a feeling for a site’s reputation before they engage with it, in particular in terms of those four important criteria.

But it is obvious that in the case of ACM, the system has been infested with warmist headbangers rating sceptical sites poorly. I guess we should be pleased at yet another indication of JUST HOW DESPERATE THEY ARE to stop people seeing the other side of the story. But I am sure that it will be discouraging some potential new visitors to the site who rely on WoT for an honest appraisal of the sites they visit and who are, perfectly understandably, concerned about internet safety and security.

So now it is time to hit back at these losers.

I am asking everyone to go HERE and vote up ACM’s ranking on WoT, so that it accurately reflects the character of this site. Once again, I thank you.

Australian Climate Madness nominated for 2012 Bloggie

Best ANZ blog

Thanks to you kind readers, Australian Climate Madness is one of five blogs nominated for the 2012 Bloggie award for Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog. Jo Nova has also been nominated in the same category, and Watts Up With That has been nominated for Best Sci/Tech and Lifetime Achievement awards. Congrats to both of them.

Go here to vote – for ACM of course! Also vote for WUWT and CA in the other categories if you so wish.

Voting closes on Sunday February 19th with the winners announced on Sunday February 26th.

Thanks once again for your support! It is much appreciated!


Shameless plug: Bloggies 2012

Bloggies 2012

If any readers feel like nominating ACM for a Bloggie award in the Best Australian and New Zealand blog, I would be most honoured.

We have no chance of winning this prestigious award, but if we get into the shortlist we may generate some publicity for the message we are trying to communicate, which can only be a good thing. [Read more…]

Merry Christmas from ACM

ACM Towers chewing through plenty of coal-fired electricity

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas (or happy holidays if you prefer) and health and happiness for 2012.


ACM on vacation

ACM will be taking a break for a while. Other priorities are demanding more of my attention for the time being, and the passing of the pointless carbon tax into law seemed an appropriate juncture for a time out.

Keep checking the blog roll on the right for the latest news on the fight against global climate madness.

ACM will be blogging again soon.

Cheers, Simon

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