Shameless plug: Bloggies 2012

Bloggies 2012

If any readers feel like nominating ACM for a Bloggie award in the Best Australian and New Zealand blog, I would be most honoured.

We have no chance of winning this prestigious award, but if we get into the shortlist we may generate some publicity for the message we are trying to communicate, which can only be a good thing.

You need to nominate three blogs – I would plug Jo Nova as another to recommend, and … choose a third for yourself!

Go here to nominate. Nominations close 16 Jan at 2pm (or 15 Jan at 10pm US time).

Thank you in advance!


  1. Have nominated you and Jo Nova for the science and technology part (even though you do cover some other categories). Keep up the good work in 2012.

  2. Submitted … good luck Simon.

  3. If you’re in search of a third choice, along with ACM and JoNova, you might consider nominating “New Zeal” —

  4. Done. Good luck!

  5. ACM has no chance of winning any section of any award by the internet industry, as climate alarmism is the dominant political fashion and the industry won’t risk doing anything that could vaguely be construed as unfashionable. That’s in spite of the fact that ACM is proof of the web’s greatest strength and its greatest achievement – exposing the mainstream media as a barracker for a fashionable cause instead of impartially investigating the issue in the public interest. In five years, the web’s gutless “leaders” will belatedly claim credit for exposing the corruption of science. Only the fashion zombies who are swallowing everything they are being told will believe them.

    • Tom, you have my vote, for your comment. If ACM / Simon wants to stick his head up – people love to target a tall poppy, than the substance… In competition, people stop being people. The cheerleaders become instantly the dark forces. Simon, make sure they don’t make you look funny without nuts. We need people like you with spine, don’t become disposable collateral damage. Warmist are losing ground – cornered animal forgets about fair-play

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