Australian scientist goes feral on sceptics and fellow scientists

Wants climate action through "political upheaval"

From The Briefing Room:

One of Australia’s most outspoken scientists has this week rubbished the team behind the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, describing the project as nothing more than a “nuclear billiards machine” and saying the money should be devoted to paying for more climate change research instead. [Who said climate alarmism was about getting more research funding? – Ed]

Ian Lowe, emeritus professor of science, technology and society at Griffith University in Brisbane, has been in New Zealand for a low-profile crisis meeting on how to get climate change back on top of the public list of concerns. [To get more research funding perhaps? – Ed]

The meeting brought together not just climate scientists from New Zealand and Australia, but also social scientists who’ve been asked to come up with strategies on how to manipulate public opinion. Additionally, key sympathetic business leaders like Air New Zealand’s Rob Fyfe are understood to have attended.

As part of the conference, the NZ Government funded Science Media Centre, a climate change propaganda unit, organised for select invited media to attend a briefing from Professor Lowe, and NZ government social scientist Karen Cronin.

The briefing is a unique insight not just into the mindset of the climate science propaganda units, but in the sychophantic media willing to push their message unquestioningly.

During the hour long media briefing, Lowe

  • ridiculed the scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider, saying money would be better spent by climate scientists
  • argued that for propaganda purposes the media should hype-up individual weather events – such as floods in Mozambique – as proof of climate change
  • claimed Hurricane Katrina was clearly caused by climate change
  • claimed a conspiracy of white, Anglo Celtic elderly males was behind the skeptic movement
  • with NZ government social scientist Karen Cronin advocated researching how to foment enough anger in the public that governments who refused to take climate action could be “pushed out of the way” in a political upheaval

Just to put this in perspective, Ian Lowe is the president of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), which is an extremist environmental pressure group. It is famous for being the Australian wing of Al Gore’s despicable “Climate Project”, whose sole purpose is to disseminate to the unsuspecting public the lies and propaganda contained in An Inconvenient Truth.

Read the full story here (with audio clips).

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