Warmist ‘integrity’ on display

Respect and integrity

Respect and integrity

In what other area of scientific discourse would this kind of exchange take place?

Marshall Shepherd: learned n strange emails/blogs some disagree with my #Tedx Talk, @MichaelEMann HockeyStick discredited (hasn’t), & wx varies-gee “who knew”

Bishop Hill: @DrShepherd2013 I attended a debate with a paleoclimate guy a few months ago. In q&a he was asked about the hockey stick. He said “it’s broken”.

Marshall Shepherd: @aDissentient why don’t you ask @MichaelEMann

Marshall Shepherd: @aDissentient and fyi, I generally don’t debate anything that isn’t published in the peer-reviewed lit, best regards

Then Mann shows up:

Michael Mann: @DrShepherd2013 Marshall, I don’t engage disinformation-spewing trolls. It just encourages them…

Marshall Shepherd: @MichaelEMann indeed

Marshall Shepherd: @MichaelEMann I am loving the block function immensely…

Michael Mann: @DrShepherd2013 You and me both 😉

Marshall Shepherd: @MichaelEMann @skepticscience [of course – Ed] unfortunately already blocked the folks that need to see this 🙂

No comment required. The tweets speak for themselves. By the way, Marshall Shepherd is the President of the American Meteorological Society.

P.S. Note to Michael Mann, Shepherd and all the other blockers, all you need to do is log out of Twitter and you can see everything, which is how ACM (which was blocked by Mann) can post all the tweets. 

H/T Bishop Hill

Here’s the exchange as it appeared on Twitter:

Twitter has a long memory

Twitter has a long memory…

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