Poland blocks EU's climate policy nightmare

Hero of the EU

Out of 27 countries, only Poland has the common sense and foresight to oppose the EU’s suicidal, and ultimately utterly pointless, emissions reduction policy, guaranteed to send the bloc back to the Dark Ages.

Poland rightly considers that allowing its population access to cheap and affordable energy is more important than politically-correct environmental posturing which will achieve nothing for the climate. Reuters is shocked:

BRUSSELS, March 9 (Reuters) – Coal-reliant Poland on Friday vetoed European Union efforts to move further towards a low carbon economy, pitting itself against the rest of the 27-member bloc.

Denmark, holder of the rotating EU presidency, has placed the environment at the heart of its leadership, backed by the Commission and the business community on the need for clear direction on EU climate policy beyond an existing set of 2020 goals.

Only the Danes could be so blinkered. At a time of global financial uncertainty, Greece on the verge of default, the US up to its neck in debt, the bacon and Lego country believes “the environment” should be front and centre…

But Poland, which relies on carbon-intensive coal for more than 90 percent of its electricity, said it could not agree to any inclusion of milestones for future carbon reductions in an EU text debated at a meeting of environment ministers.

“Unfortunately, one delegation has blocked,” Denmark’s Climate and Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard told reporters. “It has been a tough day. It would have been better if 27 countries would have been on board, but 26 is very encouraging.”

That translates as one custodian of common sense, and 26 ecotard lemmings…

The text of an environmental council meeting does not have firm policy status within the EU’s complex decision-making process, but it is a signal, which is weakened if consensus cannot be achieved.

Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said the backing of almost the entire bloc was enough to allow the Commission, the EU’s executive arm, to keep working on further progress.

“Twenty-six member states want us to move ahead with the low carbon road-map,” she told Reuters.

In other words, the EU will find a way to go ahead with this nonsense at any cost.

To help fill the policy vacuum after a firm goal of a 20 percent carbon cut by 2020 expires, the roadmap lays out a route towards a long-term aim to reduce the bloc’s carbon emissions by 80 percent by the middle of the century. (source)

Eighty percent by 2050 is sheer madness. Even 20% by 2020 will be extremely damaging for the European economy, and will make no discernible difference to global temperatures (even if we assume CO2 is a driver of global temperature), since China and India will more than make up for any such reductions.

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