Random climate madness

A couple of bizarre headlines from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, which seems to be reporting any old nonsense these days:

Shiny leafed crops could help reduce global warming, claims study


Paint cities white to tackle global warming, scientist says

I present them without comment. Make of them what you will.

Read it here and here.


  1. Most of what we read about climate change is bizarre. As you well know, the media blacks out any dissenting views. I submitted an article to my local paper late in the week, in it I applaud Barnaby Joyce for his recent comments and call for more rational debate on AGW as opposed to the closed discussion that prevails in our media. To date they have published every article I have written but none to date have been on the climate change question. What’s the bet they don’t publish it? We shall see…Good blog this…will add to the blogroll

  2. Simon from Sydney says:

    Thanks for your visit!

  3. Simple: Albedo effect.What’s so confusing?

  4. Simon from Sydney says:

    eco101 – I understand the theory. It’s the practical problems of achieving it that is nonsensical.

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