Update on Munich Re story

You may recall on 30 December last year I posted about the global reinsurer Munich Re linking disasters to climate change. Roger Pielke Jr over at Prometheus reported on the same issue. Now Munich Re have responded to Roger’s original post here.


  1. Dash RIPROCK III says:

    ” Al Gore must be held accountable for the wild hysteria he’s created over global warming. Here is what you can do to help. Al Gore has recently stated that the northern polar ice cap will be gone in five years. We can’t let this crazy prediction go unnoticed and we cannot allow his prediction to be forgotten. I’ve had liberals accuse me of fabricating this story, but it is very true and Al Gore was nice enough to make his predictin on camera. Here is the link to the vid:http://www.hootervillegazette.com Once there, click on the pic of Big Al holding up five fingers.When the five years have passed, we should all demand that Big Al go away and stop spreading this nonsense. Thank you for giving me a chance to post this on your site. “

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