Governor-General gets political – yet again

On three occasions since the start of this blog have I had to comment on Governor-General Quentin Bryce overstepping the bounds of her duties as representative of the Queen in Australia by getting involved in political matters, in particular climate issues (see here, here and here).

And now she’s at it again, off on a jolly to Abu Dhabi to speak at the World Future Energy Summit (a fancy title for a gathering of eco-fundamentalists discussing solar and wind power), sharing the stage with Lord Stern, Tony Blair and none other than IPCC head Rajendra Pachauri. So clearly no politics there, then…?

She displays an extraordinary lack of judgement on these matters, and is showing herself to be wholly unsuitable for the role of GG of Australia.

Read it here.


  1. I think you are quite right, it is not in her domain to be commenting with repect to matters political and especially a subject open to so much conjecture as is, Climate Change … In the same vein, I get annoyed when large organisations and comapanies do same. Recently, I had a dig at Melbourne train Operator Connex for doing exactly that … In a company newsletter, aptly known as “Connexions”, Melbourne Transport Operator Connex has gone to the trouble of articulating and thereby endorsing details of the Rudd Governments proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme … More at:

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