Sydney Morning Herald links bushfires to "climate change"

Any chance to push the scaremongering alarmist agenda, no matter how insensitive, is gleefully accepted by the Moonbat Herald, just as it was yesterday by Bob Brown.

Research by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO has found that bushfire seasons will start earlier, end slightly later and become more intense in coming decades.

A climate study of south-east Australia by the agencies in 2007 found the number of days with “very high” or “extreme” fire danger ratings would increase significantly. The worst changes were predicted for northern NSW.

By 2020, days of extreme fire danger are forecast to increase by 5 to 25 per cent if climate change is low and by 15 to 65 per cent if it is high.

An author of the report, Kevin Hennessy from the CSIRO, told the Herald yesterday: “There does seem to be a human element to bushfire risk. In terms of human contribution it is clear that most of the global warming since about 1950 is likely due to increases in greenhouse gases [No it isn’t – Ed]. Higher temperatures clearly increase the risk of bushfires.”

And then quotes yet more of Brown (which we can all do without reading again).

Oh, yes, and 108 people lost their lives as well…

Read it here.


  1. barking toad says:

    Now that Bob Bwown has pushed this (at the urging of the bottle blonde interviewer) our Henny Penny will be quick to jump on board.It will be a sickening ploy to jump on this tragedy to push a political agenda – but it will happen.

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