UPDATED: ABC web poll – 4% think current heatwave is due to "global warming"

UPDATE 2: ABC have responded stating that the poll was “hijacked” (how would that be possible?), but without giving any further details. I have asked for clarification and will post it here if received.

: The ABC web site has moved on to a new poll and has mysteriously “removed” the results from the list of past polls. Surely not more censorship? I have sent an e-mail to News Radio to find out why it was removed. I will let you know the result…

Now you see it… now you, er, don’t…

Thanks to Gore Lied. I’m sure the ABC will issue a correction, but as it stands, here is the poll result:

90% think global warming is a myth – wow! Go the deniers!

Read it here.

UPDATE: As of Sunday 8 Feb, it’s now 94.3%!!


  1. This is the more amazing coming from an AGW proponent like Auntie.

  2. Appears they didn’t like the result or RealClimate told them to remove it.

  3. Simon from Sydney says:

    That’s what I’m afraid of…

  4. How do they come to this conclusion? Every other poll is unky-dory but this particular one is hijacked. Sounds like censorship to me. Perhaps Kev & Penny stepped in.

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