Chief Scientist Sackett a raving alarmist

Seems if you have a name like Penny, there’s no hope. Back in October last year, only a few days after I started this blog, I posted on the new Chief Scientist and was optimistic about things:

Here’s a great opportunity for someone with a genuine scientific approach and significant influence in Government to cut through the usual AGW hysteria and take a dispassionate look at the science, not just the propaganda.

She said at the time:

“I believe that the people of Australia, if they have the choices that confront them clearly articulated in an open atmosphere of dialogue and if that is underpinned with scientific evidence, then I believe that Australians will make the choice that is the best for them and for their children.”

A promising start, I thought. How wrong can you be, for Penny Mark II has revealed herself to be even more away with the Gore-fairies than Penny Mark I:

Professor Sackett has also warned the world only has six years to decrease its emissions to avoid damaging climate change.

“We know that the rate at which we are putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is increasing rather than decreasing,” she said.

“We also know that if we want to maintain that level of climate change which we could measure by the increase in global average temperature to 2 degrees then we have six years to reverse the trend from increasing CO2 emissions to decreasing CO2 emissions.

“It’s not long, which is why we need to begin to act now.”

All recycled, political, IPCC-speak. Sadly, Ms Sackett, you are unfit to call yourself a scientist of any kind, let alone the chief one.

Read it here.


  1. I see that the eastern Antarctic ice shelf is now thicker than it has been in the past 30 years. This is clearly contradictory evidence yet the Chief Scientist said on PM last night that the debate is over and the science is settled! I suggest that all those who believe the world will end as a result of man made global warming set off on an expedition to Antarctica, headed by Penny Sackett, and take a ruler and measure the goddamn ice shelf thickness and determine for themselves that global warming, if it does exist, is not uniform nor is it settled. Not by a long way. Perhaps they can stay there and wait for the thaw to occur!

  2. Morry Weiskop says:

    And a real journalist would have asked her where she got the 6 years figure from.Doesn’t matter anyhow – she’s an astronomer not a climate scientist /sarc off.

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