ETS shock – Wong doesn't call Opposition "deniers"

But calls them “Howard government Kyoto sceptics”, which is perfectly fair comment. Maybe she and the government are realising that it’s just a teensy-weensy bit hypocritical to brand the Opposition as “deniers” when in fact it is the government, the IPCC, Krudd and Wong herself that are the true deniers – denying that the IPCC models have failed to predict the last decade of cooling, denying that the cooling is even happening, and pretending that “it’s all happening faster than we thought” (© Al Gore and James Hansen).

Ever more desperate to keep her ETS ship afloat, despite it being holed many times below the waterline and now listing heavily to starboard, Penny goes on the offensive, blaming the Opposition for its likely failure:

“Wrecking this reform is about much more than Australia’s domestic political debate. Wrecking this reform shortens the odds of not getting a global deal on climate change.”

Senator Wong said the emissions trading scheme represented “an opportunity to go to Copenhagen with a responsible position“.

But she refused to countenance any changes to the scheme, despite lack of support from industry and environment groups.

So business as usual there, however.

Read it here.

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