Now Penny Wong wants to "change Fielding's mind"

So threatened are the warmists by dissent. No-one is allowed to hold a contrary view, under fear of ridicule or punishment, and anyone that does is obviously deranged and needs to be “re-educated”. Maybe the next step will be the introduction of the “Climate Police”, like the Stasi, snooping around and bugging people’s homes to listen out for any dissenting views, and carting those responsible off to special facilities where they will be brainwashed into believing the true Word. It’s worse than East Germany before the Wall came down.

FAMILY First senator Steve Fielding has been offered a briefing from top scientists in a bid to change his view that climate change may not be caused by human activity.

Climate Change and Water Minister Penny Wong made the offer yesterday after Senator Fielding returned from a conference in the United States, saying he was not satisfied with the science behind the widely held view that global warming was a result of an increase in carbon dioxide levels caused by human activity.

“The Government’s approach to climate change is guided by the consensus science and we are able to provide a briefing on this to Senator Fielding,” Senator Wong said. “We are happy to facilitate a meeting between Senator Fielding and Australian Government scientists if requested.”

Read it here.

P.S. The moonbat papers are also falling over themselves to discredit Fielding, and those from whom he sought advice. Forgive me if I can’t be bothered to blog them – it’s just too depressing. All the usual stuff is trotted out, and you can read it here and here.


  1. Chris from Sydney says:

    "We are happy to facilitate a meeting between senator Fielding and Australian Government Scientists if Requested"Funny, I always thought science didn't recognise political affiliations. If you are a true scientist as in the Eienstien vien who only seeks the truth, then you belong to no government.If you are an "Australian Government Scientist" then you are not a scientist and you certainly are not interested in finding truth.

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