UPDATED: Climate nonsense from Greg Combet

What an extraordinary headline: “Combet won’t guarantee Fielding’s access to scientists.” Why, you ask? Because “the science is in,” you evil denier you. Regular readers will know that I abhor ad hominems, but really, Combet is an utter dipstick. And these guys run the country – heaven help us all.

We don’t discuss these things through the media, with all due respect. We’ll sit down with Senator Fielding and go through the issues,” he told The World Today.

Mr Combet says the Government remains determined to get the legislation passed despite Senator Fielding’s doubts. [Yawn, yawn, yawn, and yawn again. How many more times do we have to listen to Rudd, Wong and now Combet banging on about how this pointless ETS “is going through whatever happens”? Please spare me – Ed]

“One thing that we are determined about, that shouldn’t be underestimated, is to get this carbon pollution reduction scheme [two errors in four words again – Ed] through because we do accept the science,” he said.

The science is in on this issue from the Government’s standpoint. Global warming is a reality.”

Guess which scientist they will put forward to “answer” Steve Fielding’s questions? None other than the über-alarmist Chief Scientist Penny Sackett, who chimes into the debate with a classic quote:

What we’re seeing now is an unprecedented change and its primary cause is due to greenhouse gas emissions.”

We are really in cloud cuckoo land when the Chief Scientist approaches a scientific issue with such a closed-brain attitude and spouts misleading comments such as this. She is unworthy to call herself a scientist of any sort. Do I really have to put this graph up again…? I think I do. Please tell me where the unprecedented change is, when global temperatures are just 0.04˚C (four one hundredths of a degree) above the average from 1979-1998:

I sincerely hope that the public are slowly beginning to see how utterly untenable the government’s attitude to this legislation, and now towards Steve Fielding, is becoming. The more they try to force it through, the harder it will become…

Read it here.

UPDATE: Penny Sackett claims:

“the reason global warming is tracking along the upper prediction of the IPCC is because the greenhouse gases that humans emit have not been abated at all”.

Kinda like this:

Is it too much to call Sackett’s statement an outright lie? Link to audio here (MP3). (h/t Tom Nelson)


  1. You've used the "two errors in four words" line again – I have to take issue with this:Are you agreeing that it aims to reduce Carbon rather than Carbon Di-Oxide? Or are you agreeing that CO² is pollution?Or are you agreeing that the ETS will reduce emissions.Surely you must concede that the phrase is THREE errors in 4 words…

  2. Simon from Sydney says:

    Actually, I think we can make it four errors in four words, because it isn't a scheme yet either – it's just a lot of hot air. Job done. 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look on the bright side – in the fullness of time Rudd, Wong, and now Combet will be exposed for the criminally stupid morons that they apparently are – and no-one will ever vote for this rabble again. We'll also get the chance to see what Fielding is really made of. It's all good.

  4. Pete from England says:

    It seems that your chief scientists is as bad as our last one, Prof Sir David King. He said manmade global warming was a bigger threat than international terrorism.

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