Coalition meets today to discuss ETS amendments

The harmless, colourless, odourless gas carbon dioxide, according to the ABC…

We can’t forget that the Coalition will meet today to discuss their proposed amendments to the government’s ETS legislation.

The Federal Opposition’s emissions trading spokesman says he is optimistic that today’s special party room meeting on emissions trading will accept the amendments he has drafted.

Ian Macfarlane will present amendments that he says protect jobs and industry but would still meet the target of cutting greenhouse emissions by 5 per cent by 2020.

Some in the Coalition argue the Opposition should not be negotiating with the Government on the issue.

But Mr Macfarlane says he expects the Coalition will accept the amendments he is putting up today and he says it will then be up to the Government.

“If the party room accepts the amendments as I lay them out then the negotiation with the Government will begin,” he said.

The real question is whether the government will even bother to look at them…

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  1. Looks like Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals will reach "consensus" on supporting Mad Penny's climate bill just in time for the first anniversary of Climate Fools Day. How ironic.

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