Idiotic climate stunt of the year – Maldives cabinet

Let’s hope they used waterproof ink…

Here’s the line: the Maldives are being swamped by “rising sea levels,” caused by “global warming,” caused by the evil “carbon” emissions of rich countries, so we are going to pull off a ridiculous stunt in order to get the moonbat media (of which there is plenty) to devote millions of column inches to it and hopefully add more pressure to get an agreement at Copenhagen so that developed countries will send us their money. Phew. And all lovingly reported by Australia’s own moonbat media, Fairfax, in the guise of The Sydney Morning Herald:

The Maldives’ government held an underwater cabinet meeting on Saturday in a bid to focus global attention on rising sea levels that threaten to submerge the low-lying atoll nation.

President Mohamed Nasheed plunged first into the Indian Ocean followed by his ministers, all clad in scuba gear, for the nationally televised meeting in this archipelago known as an idyllic holiday getaway for the rich.

Nasheed and his deputy, Mohamed Waheed, and a dozen ministers sat behind tables arranged in a horseshoe at a depth of six metres (20 feet) and approved a resolution urging global action to cut carbon emissions.

Tropical reef fish swam among the ministers and the nation’s red and green flag with white crescent moon was planted in the seabed behind Nasheed.

After surfacing, he called for the UN’s climate summit in Copenhagen in December to forge a deal to reduce carbon emissions blamed for rising sea levels that experts say could swamp the Maldives by the century’s end.

Trouble is, it is all wrong. For a start, sea levels have been rising at the same rate (2-3mm per year) for several thousand years, and in fact are rising more slowly at the moment. And furthermore, sea levels around the Maldives have actually fallen in the past 50 years. American Thinker sums it up well:

In 2004, Stockholm University professor Nils-Axel Mörner, of Sweden, published a paper in Global and Planetary Change (hardly a bastion for global warming deniers) regarding his extensive research of the ocean around the Maldives.  He noted, “In our study of the coastal dynamics and the geomorphology of the shores we were unable to detect any traces of a recent sea level rise.  On the contrary, we found quite clear morphological indications of a recent fall in sea level.”

Dr. Mörner’s research indicates that sea level about the Maldives has fallen approximately 11 inches in the past 50 years.  In fact, additional research indicates that about the time the leaders of Tuvalu created headlines in 2001, the sea-level surrounding the nine atoll islands of their country had recently fallen 2.5 inches.

So what’s really behind the complaints?  In the case of the Maldives, the problem is idiotic development. 

The Maldivian islands are relatively flat atolls, composed of coral. Tourism was only introduced to Maldives in 1972 with the opening of the plush Kurumba Village Resort on the North Malé Atoll.  Now there are 87 beach resorts scattered primarily on three islands: the North and South Malé Atolls and the Ari Atoll.  Tourism has become the largest industry in the Maldives and the primary construction material used to build the expansive resorts is locally mined coral.  Digging up the local coral to build plush hotels and large conference centers is as stupid sucking the air out of your lifeboat to breathe.  The mining has severely compromised the atolls, creating the impression that the islands are sinking, when in fact they’re being dug up.  The problem the Maldives faces is engineering lunacy — not a rising sea. (source)

Once again, our biased and ignorant media have lapped up a global warming stunt in order to promote their alarmist agenda, all the while conveniently ignoring the facts.

Read it here.

P.S. Funnily enough, the Mörner paper is available in PDF on AGW alarmist Stephen Schneider’s web site – here!


  1. Simon, We do not live on the pages and papers, "fact" is what is happening to our island. You live in Sydney, can you imaging what Maldives is like and the changes due to climate change that is happening here? By the way, the Cabinet meeting is not only televised nationally, it was televised internationally. You must do your research before coming to conclusions based on isolated facts!.. now, who is the idiot? I guess its you!.

  2. Simon from Sydney says:

    Murad – How are you so sure that the problems you face are caused by "global warming" (which stopped in 2001)? I would be interested to see the evidence and scientific studies on which you are basing that conclusion. Then I will be in a position to determine which of us is the idiot.

  3. Simon, How sure are you that it is not? Science and politics are not a good mix :), does smoking cause a particular type of cancer? how sure are we if it does or does not. Have you seen the Maldives, been here? last 30 years? did you know what happened here with coral bleaching? how many shores are gone? how many island reduced in physical size? yes, at time we joke to say the number of island in the Maldives depends on the time and tide, with low tide there might appear numerous small coral spots, and with high tide, all those disappears and threatens the islands, used to be know as safe islands. I suggest Simon should give a give a visit to the Maldives to decide HOW stupid he might be!

  4. Simon from Sydney says:

    Sorry, but it is up to those who claim CO2 is the sole cause of global warming and sea level rise to demonstrate that fact, which they have singularly failed to do. Whatever you may be experiencing has little to do with anthropogenic CO2 emissions, in which case it is a question of adaptation to natural geological and climatological processes that have gone on for millions of years.

  5. Christopher-Peter: Maingot says:

    All those idiot SCUBA divers, peeing in a concentrated area, probably did more harm to the reef life, than their intentions were, to do good.The one guy (main character) can't even figure out his buoyancy, and needs someone to hold him down….Probably just too full of "hot air."

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