Cartoons to "teach kids to save Barrier Reef"

The word on the truck sums it up nicely…

The word on the truck sums it up nicely…

Indoctrination Alert as the ABC reports that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is “targeting children” in its latest effort to protect the reef.

A series of cartoons will go online and be sent to schools around the country to let children know they can play a role in preventing climate change’s impact on the reef.

The authority’s chief scientist, Dr David Wachenfeld says it has enlisted the help of some colourful creatures to get children’s attention.

“We’ve got Hermi the hermit crab who goes through a few trials and tribulations in relation to ocean acidification and we’ve also got some very charismatic coral polyps who do some fairly amusing things in explaining the impacts of climate change and global warming,” he said.

Dr Wachenfeld says while the health of the reef is a serious issue, engaging children is essential for its survival.

“We thought that it was really important that kids understand both what are the risks from climate change to the reef but actually more importantly, what can they and their families do in their homes, their schools and their businesses to help the reef and minimise the impacts of climate change, so that’s really the thrust behind these animations,” he said.

Climate change for dummies, or in this case, children

Climate change for dummies, or in this case, children

The “Climate Change” animation links CO2 to climate change, then links climate change to droughts and droughts to dying plants; it links climate change to “cyclones” that make big waves and smash coral reefs; it links climate change to warming seas causing corals to “lose colour and die and fish to go away”. It then harangues the viewer to “cycle or walk to places instead of going in the car”, “switch off TV and lights when not in the room” (accompanied by a picture of wind farms and solar panels), and “travel by bus instead of flying” (fun if you were going to the US or Europe, say).

And I know you’re all dying to see it, so here’s Hermi in action:

This is yet another example of completely unacceptable brainwashing of our children, sanctioned by the Rudd government, using especially sinister methods to do it. And the most idiotic thing of all, linking the 1.5% of global emissions produced by Australia to the fate of the Barrier Reef. Climate madness.

Check out the other animations here.

Read it here.


  1. The ethics of Rudd and his government are non existent. I’m very sad to see the propaganda sink to the level of scaring kids. However, I’m not surprised. We now have a PM who has cut funding for vital projects like state housing while he’s employing the most media heavies of any PM. He thinks nothing of lying about the most basic of things. Scaring the crap out of kids and brainwashing them to meet his pet agenda is small change to him.

  2. Brainwashing our children. The people from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the government who pays them should hang their heads in shame.

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