Why are we sceptics? Because we're MENTALLY DERANGED!

ABC bias incarnate

ABC bias incarnate

Yes, and if you challenge me on that I will split your skull in two with this axe.

But that’s the level of debate on Margot O’Neill’s execrable blog “Countdown to Copenhagen“. She just can’t get her tiny brain around why people are deserting the climate change bandwagon in droves. She just can’t understand that people are starting to see through the smoke and mirrors of Al Gore, so she, along with all the other alarmist fruitcakes, have to think of another reason. We’re all mentally unbalanced. We’ve been here before, of course, but here’s the ABC, our national broadcaster, peddling it as fact:

CSIRO’s former climate director, Dr Graeme Pearman, suffered a personal crisis after confronting this question before deciding to study psychology, which he describes as the new frontier in climate change:

“Behavioural issues are likely to be much more important than the development of improved descriptions of exactly what happens or might happen to the climate. These are the main barriers to the actions that are needed.

Mr Gore says he conducted 30 “solutions summits” with leading international experts to discuss how to design the multi-faceted battle plan in his book. They included brain scientists who told him the climate threat seemed too remote and unprecedented to trigger survival reflexes. In short, primordial human wiring is tuned to the likes of carnivorous predators, lightning strikes and blood-curdling rival clansmen.

Harvard University’s Daniel Gilbert has provided a sharply amusing account of how global warming challenges our evolutionary psychology – if it doesn’t make us duck or twitch or even feel repulsed, can it really be so bad?

Behavioural scientists also told him that “Simply laying out the facts won’t work … The barrage of negative, even terrifying, information can trigger denial or paralysis or, at the very least, procrastination.” Sounds like a bad rap for his Academy Award winning film, An Inconvenient Truth, which helped raise global awareness of the issue.

But scientists told Mr Gore that the human brain can commit to multigenerational goals although this can be undermined by constant stress and excessive distraction, both of which abound in modern society.

In other words, don’t bother with the climate, just focus on using psychiatry to brain-train everyone to believe unquestioningly in the holy and immutable word of Al God.

Read it here (if you must)


  1. These climate justice people are the ones who are insane. In the Copenhagen Treaty it is expected that the EU will agree to give $150 Billion / year to LCD’s or least developed countries to pay for so called climate debt, this is known as climate-justice. These countries are supposed to use this money to build solar panels and wind farms and plant trees. LOL!!! I’m sure they’ll build a few solar panels for the cameras, but I can guarantee the rest of the money will be used to buy arms, build thier military and fund their nuclear ambitions. AK47’s are going for $4 a piece now that they are made in China, and supposedly none of the climate money will be spent on guns (what?!). We’re also supposed to agree to give all of this money away for climate debt but instead we’ll be arming the world. These climate-justice people, where did they receive their schooling? They are insane.

  2. Remember that the American Psychological Society have written a report that basically says that if you don’t believe in man-made climate change then you should be seeing a psychologist. Therefore, the APS are sanctioning re-educating the masses to believe in MMCC.

    The Australian equivalent also agree. Through the NCCARF hosted by Griffith Uni they are have had a co-author of the APS report going around telling fellow psychologists that it is their duty to make the masses understand that they are mentally unstable and need help.

    Again this is the “bandwagon” effect taking hold. Who else is going to jump on?

    It strikes me that maybe it is the APS and its cohort that require the psychological help.

    Does anyone else see anything wrong with this attempt to “control” the masses?

  3. Tom J. Arnold. says:

    A natural scepticism is a healthy sign in a scientists make-up, if that scientist is a person of conviction and honesty and seeker of the truth, he will always be a sceptic.
    At the heart of the black hole is the singularity, something quantum theory cannot explain, black holes disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity, which perfectly explains gravity in the universe – relativity is such a perfect theory but it does not explain everything.
    There is a black hole in science at the heart is the singularity, something that we cannot explain, YET.
    The more you know the more you realise you do not know.
    Climate science is a relatively new discipline (a mix ‘n’ match subject definitely not a pure science), and subject to many and complex hypotheses, AGW is one of them, none of these hypotheses are set in stone.
    If Einstein can be refuted so soon, what makes climatologists so damn sure of their puny thoughts/hypotheses, after all most of them are merely displaced students of humanities faculties, look at the CRU of East Anglia – the climate research unit is a humanities faculty with a big government grant to pursue and confirm Nu-lab AGW dogma, it is not a scientific facility.

    The alarmists are losing the argument, like all sore losers and with childish puerility they resort to calling realists – like holocaust deniers, or just plain mad. Truly sad, alarmism is now a ‘religion’, according to some.

    NO, it a socialist belief in cloud cuckoo lunacy of outrageous proportions with the sole aim of controlling and consequent subjugation of the worlds peoples.
    True science will out, what worries me is the children who have been used as pawns in this battle, using propaganda on young minds is unforgivable and so cynical, so like socialist/marxist anti-democracy freaks – which is what they are.
    Margot – get a ferkin grip!

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