G20 fails to agree on finances of "fighting climate change"

Life after Copenhagen…

Life after Copenhagen…

Of course they failed, because despite how much hype surrounds “tackling climate change”, when push comes to shove, governments aren’t really stupid enough to bankrupt their own economies, by handing over billions of dollars to deal with a non-problem.

The G20 talked big but delivered little on climate finance, campaigners said, as the clock ticks down to the summit in Copenhagen next month.

One of the key talking points on Saturday for finance ministers meeting in the Scottish town of St Andrews had been working out how to deliver cash from rich to developing countries [there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, in black and white – Ed] so they can tackle climate change.

The G20 agreed to work for an ambitious outcome” at the UN summit at Copenhagen, which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions and “recognised the need to increase significantly and urgently the scale and predictability of finance”.

But there was no agreement on how money should be delivered, although there would be ”further work” on the issue, the final communique said.

Nor was there a clear figure for how much G20 countries would commit.

And then we have to suffer the inevitable complaints from the enviro-headbangers:

The British charity Oxfam’s senior policy adviser, Max Lawson, said: “As the clock ticks towards Copenhagen, the hundreds of millions of people around the world who are already suffering as a result of climate change cannot afford to wait any longer for a deal.”

No exaggeration there, clearly.

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  1. Ron de Haan says:

    Oxfam’s senior policy advisor Max Lawson is an alarmist.
    Our climate is perfectly ok and the entire scheme is cooked up to introduce a World Government and eliminate the power of the free world.

    Russia is going to win the Cold War, 20 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

    Wake up people, we are at war and the enemy we have to fight is operating from within.

    Centralized control over our financial systems, our economies, our fre markets, our resources and last but not least population control is the true objective behind the Copenhagen Treaty and beyond (Mexico).

    Read Blue Planet in Green Shackles from Vaclav Klaus or visit his website, google Lord Moncton and his interview with Glenn Beck and John Bolton, read the Copenhagen treaty concept and learn before it’s too late.

  2. Ron,

    It’s not simply a case of fighting the enemy within – to quote someone: “we have met the enemy and he is us”. Too many people – and particularly those who have been brainwashed by western education systems for the last 20 years – actually believe this garbage. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the lunatics are firmly in charge of the political asylum at the moment. The current crop of western liberal political leaders are such an insipid, spineless, and clueless lot that they are incapable of showing any leadership on the issue and have let it get out of hand. They basically have put their own self interest in getting re-elected ahead of any national interest, and now they have lost control of the issue. They are responding rather than leading.

    Witness the latest G20 meeting – some are beginning to realise that their necks are about to be put into a noose to the tune of billions of dollars annually, and their only response is to mumble platitudes.

    All except for our PM, Kevin Rudd, of course. He is hell bent on being the only lunatic at Copenhagen with a binding commitment in his pocket. And all for reasons of personal vanity – he wants the same standing ovation that he got at Bali in 2007 after ratifying Kyoto. “Look at me! Look at me!”

    With lunatics like this running our asylum, I fear that the only way out of the maze will be trial by ordeal. The “true believers” need to experience the consequences of their folly. It’s just a pity that everyone else will have to suffer along with them..

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