Snouts in the carbon trough

From Viv Forbes at the Carbon Sense Coalition:

Mr Rudd accuses opponents of his Ration-N-Tax Scheme of “bowing to vested interests”.

That is the pot calling the kettle black.

The biggest vested interest is the ALP itself, hoping to harvest Green preference votes from their green posturing.

Supporting the alarmists are the gaggle of green industries already reaping dividends from the Rudd subsidies and market protection rackets.

Mr Rudd also tells us that his big business mates want the “certainty” of Emissions Trading.

A roll call of these people reveals domination by big firms of auditors and accountants, bankers and brokers, speculators and solicitors, touts and traders – all longing to get into the biggest trading lottery the world has ever seen – more snouts in the carbon trough.

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  1. Surely in any scientific debate there is a belief that other theories are in error, but there should be mutual respect for differing points of view. Scientific theories about ‘Global Warming’ are here in Australia often nothing but theories of ordinary language and not good descriptions of the laws of nature, as required. Rudd and most of the leftist Australian journalists are mere ‘advocates’ of the ‘belief’ that humans are causing climate change.
    The difficulty seems to be to distinguish pure ‘advocacy’ from good independent knowledge of science. As individual it requires diligence and commitment to the direction scientific results take you, sometimes far too difficult to comprehend because the numbers seem to lack order and identification. Science should provide the best statistical analysis in the absence of any emotion. Certainty must be left behind.

    The alternative is – one wants to find exactly what is expected!

  2. Rudd’s ‘Global Warming Dogma’ is a theatrical show with a hidden agenda. Fake like Rudd himself!

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