Idiotic Comment of the Day: Phillip Adams

Not my kind of ideas…

Not my kind of ideas…

In almost every aspect the escalating campaign to save Big Coal from its critics, to confuse the issue and the voters, comes straight from Big Tobacco. Now the planet has lung cancer, emphysema and asthma, among a lengthening list of respiratory problems. Soon we’ll be gasping for breath, like terminal smokers reaching for the oxygen tanks. And the chances of it getting better diminish every day as sociopathic CEOs of obscenely powerful and obese corporations do everything they can to derail Copenhagen as they did Kyoto.

I cancelled my subscription to the Sydney Morning Herald to get away from moonbat claptrap like this, and yet this is the first thing I see when I open the Weekend Australian Magazine. Note to editor: suggest that Adams slings his hook and writes for Fairfax instead, where he can preach to the converted instead, and where we don’t have to suffer his ultra-lefty rantings on a Saturday morning.

Read it here (if you must).


  1. I guess Adams doesn’t use electricity ? Otherwise he may have a vested interest. According to Max Planck, scientific progress proceeds one funeral at a time. l hope journalism follows the same pattern.

  2. Rationalist says:

    Did we ever find a right wing Philip Adams?

  3. He reminds me of a scene out of the film “Beaches”, where the Bette Midler character says:

    “But – enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?”

  4. Unreal! Rather coal than nuclear any day. Who pays his salary? Eloi’s comment is great. These people live off our society. Then they become the ‘sorry’ people they are. Sad really.

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