Nations seek "billions in climate debt"


"Put your hands in the air - this is a stick-up."

We did warn you. The Copenhagen treaty (if it were ever signed) would signal the beginning of an era of massive global wealth distribution, with wealthy nations forced to hand over billions to less developed countries as “compensation” for their “climate crimes.” And, as expected, the first demands are already starting to appear:

CENTRAL American nations will demand $US105 billion ($114.2 billion) from industrialised countries for damages caused by global warming, the region’s representatives say.

Central American environment ministers gathered in Guatemala overnight to discuss the so-called “ecological debt” owed to them and to set out a common position ahead of climate talks in Copenhagen next month.

Guatemalan environment minister Luis Ferrate [pictured right] said the $US105 billion ($114.2 billion) price tag was “an estimate” of the damage done by climate change across 16 sectors in Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama.

[Minister Ferrate] said the region “had never faced” so much drought, aridity, flooding, and precarious food security.

A formal proposal will be presented in Denmark, officials said.

I bet it will. Expect many more demands like this in the future…

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  1. Climate crime indeed. What about mismanagement of resources by said countries? How is the effectiveness of any contribution going to be assessed? Who is going to get the ‘loot’? What right have Western leaders to put such a burden on their people? What happens when a rich country becomes poor? What is meant by rich and poor? If industrialisation is the key then Asia will be hit hard. If borrowing to purchase life’s goodies then the USA will be hit. How will the ‘loot’ be spent to ‘control’ climate. Control climate indeed! This is a nightmare of Orwellian dimensions. Nothing will be left under the left. All the benefits flowing from Western inventiveness will be lost to future generations. Wealth is distributed around the globe now. Ruin the engine of enterprise and there will be nothing to distribute. In future an unelected, non representative, elite will control our children’s future. They will be bled dry by the ‘Sorry’ PM’s legacy. Wake up Australia, the clock is ticking!

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