Abbott is the leader

Tony Abbott wins – ETS will be voted down.

Celebrate this great day for Australia!


  1. WOOO HOOO!!!

  2. I heard it would only take 7 crossing the aisle to ram the idiocy through. Is that correct? Will it Happen?

    • @cbullitt: That’s correct, although the vote to oppose the ETS was overwhelming: 55-29. If any Liberal crossed the floor after that, their life would not be worth living.


    “Some are declaring the ETS dead. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

    The motion proposed that the [ETS] legislation should be delayed for three months, and if this could not be secured, then the legislation should be defeated.

    The motion was carried by 54 votes to 29, guaranteeing the death of the Rudd Government’s ETS.”

    “The Australian reports: While Mr Abbott has pledged to deliver an anti-ETS policy as a condition of his leadership, up to eight Liberal MPs are threatening to cross the floor and vote with Labor.”

    Hopefully not!

  4. Climate Dementors…

    Climate Dementors are not only determined to scare us witless about an imagined impending climate catastrophe, they also want to suck all the joy and happiness out of our lives in the process.

  5. Malcolm Miller says:

    I don’t believe that Tony Abbott has ever even heard of Climategate. Nor have any of the other Liberal members of parliament. Probably not any of the Labor members, either!

    • @Malcolm Miller: I think that’s most unlikely – if not from the mainstream media, from the thousands of emails that have been sent to MPs and senators over the past few days.

  6. thank f*&k for that..there might be some hope for the nation after all..
    Now, the rest of the Libs just need to grow some balls and start telling it how it really is..

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