Abbott comes out fighting



At last, a leader that proper Liberals can believe in, not some pale imitation of Kevin Rudd:

New Liberal leader Tony Abbott has promised to take the fight to the Government over emissions trading after wresting the leadership from Malcolm Turnbull by just one vote today.

Mr Abbott confirmed that the Liberals would seek to send the emissions trading legislation to a Senate committee for more scrutiny but would try to block it in the Senate if the committee proposal was voted down.

And he warned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that he was not frightened of fighting an election on the issue.

“As far as many many millions of Australians are concerned what the Rudd Government ETS looks like is a great big tax to create a great big slush fund to provide politicised handouts run by a giant bureaucracy,” he said.

Mr Abbott said the next election would be a tough fight, but that the Oppositon would fight hard.

“You cannot win an election without a fight,” he said. “The job of the Opposition is to be an alternative, not an echo.”

Well said indeed and many congratulations from Australian Climate Madness. Maybe we will now get some climate sense.

Read it here.


  1. barking toad says:

    Hockey lost because he wouldn’t take a position – a failng of the Opposition for some time.

    Abbott just fell in, but at least he’s realised that the public want some opposition to the scam that krudd wants to take to Copenhagen to enhance his CV for a job at the corrupt UN

  2. Congratulations Mr Abbott.
    Now we have to back him up

  3. So – what is our yapping little poodle going to have to talk about in Copenhagen, I wonder? This could be interesting.

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