India "dismisses Danish climate proposal"

Non-event of 2009

Non-event of 2009

But, but, but… India and China are on board, surely? Surely Obama just went over there and charmed the pants off them all and everything in the garden was rosy, but now what’s happened? I really wish we’d voted Turnbull back in, because then Australia would turn up to Copenhagen with a shiny new ETS, and it would make all the difference!

Top Indian officials dismissed a draft climate change proposal by Denmark that expects developing economies to peak their greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, news reports said Monday.

The draft document was circulated to a few countries ahead of the Dec. 7-18 UN climate conference in Copenhagen, which is supposed to draw up an agreement for controlling emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases [which probably aren’t] causing global warming.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said the Danish draft was “totally unacceptable,” The Economic Times reported.

“We are never going to take on a peaking year for absolute emissions. This is not on the horizon,” Ramesh told the Danes, according to the newspaper.

So China’s cut of 40% isn’t a cut at all (it’s an increase), India isn’t interested either, the US isn’t going to pass any legislation anytime soon (if at all). Copenhagen is shaping up to be a complete non-event.

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  1. rukidding says:

    Ah gee guys don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out

  2. “Copenhagen is shaping up to be a complete non-event.”

    Not true. Our little yap-dog will be there. Will someone please put a dish of water on the floor for our “Friend of the Chairman”.

  3. Hans J. Nielsen says:

    Please distinguish between danes in general, and danes from Copenhagen. People from Copenhagen often think they live in the center of the universe. They regret that Las Vegas established a Ceasar`s Palace before them.

    A dane not living in – – guess where!

    • Thanks – I will definitely do so. It’s the same in Australia – the liberal elites in the cities live in a bubble, insulated from the realities of the rest of the country.

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